Have you been wondering “What is this Twitter? Why are people twittering? Is twittering even a word?” 

Have you heard the words Tweet us at on the news or TV? Are you worried that if you ask someone to describe twittering or tweeting that you will be labeled as a social misfit or uncool? I have also made that assumption. The assumption that just because someone is young and into twittering or understand social media that I would be greeted with laughter or at best a blank stare. This is a bad assumption and once I stepped over that fear of being laughed at, I actually got answers. And I want to share my discovery with you.

I bet you are thinking yeah, yeah so what is Twitter, Twittering, Tweeting and all that jazz? Why do news agencies use it and why do I see in on T.V.?

Twitter is a website that offers something called micro-blogging. Micro-blogging (yeah, another word to learn) like blogging, it allows people to text little updates and put them immediately online, so that anyone can see them or by only people in special social groups.

Tweets (the little text messages) can be submitted to Twitter with a variety ways and devices from instant messaging, email, cell phones or the web. Tweets are direct text messages sent “at” a person by using the “@” symbol before their username. This Tweet will not only communicate with that single person but also show partial conversations with other members of the group. Then, once you have an account with Twitter and someone follows you, people can direct message one another or “DM” through the Twitter websites interface.

Twitters can friend or “follow” other Tweeple (people plus Tweeter) to receive Twits, Tweets or Twitters (it is a personal preference what you call it). Adding or “following” a person is similar to adding a friend on a social network like Facebook.

Next question…why? Tweeting on Twitter attracts people with similar likes and dislikes. It is all about letting people know what you are up to and expressing yourself in 140 characters or less. It’s an immediate mini form of self expression. Tweets range from single commentary on subjects near and dear to the heart in little bursts and rants to just describing mundane activities at any exact moment from waking up and drinking a latte to news worthy events or even deciding what shoes to wear. 

Some Tweets pin point and use Twitter for monetary gain. They post links to websites and blogs. Twitter allows a business person to draw attention to blog entries, sale coupons, happenings and events. Twitter allows a business person to target people with similar backgrounds and buying habits.

There are many uses for Twitter just to name a few, you can ask for advice, heighten aware in a cause, offer help and resources to others, promote products and/or services and even promote breaking news. So, that is why you are hearing Twitter everywhere, with so many uses and the fact it allow self expression in immediate bursts…how could it be any other way! Now, will you be Tweeting soon?

Building authority in any niche is the key to building trust so you can break through the clutter so people pay attention to you. After all if you want to sell more to people they must first know like and trust you. Building authority creates that trust.

Aren’t there certain people that when they hit your in box they get priority because they have authority status with you because they share valuable information.

The same thing happens on social media sites like Twitter.

How do you become that type of resource? How to build your Authority Status on Twitter? Getting people to pay attention to you is the key.

Is there a better way than hours of surfing the net? You need to automate your accumulation of information. The resources are available!

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I know what you guys are thinking. Oh great another article telling me to “Be authentic”. Yeah, I feel like barfing every time I hear a guru saying those words in regards to social media and Twitter.  However, they are on to something.  By the time you finish reading this article you’ll not only understand what they mean, but learn how to achieve this “realness” without seeming like a phony.

First of all what does authenticity mean anyway? People keep throwing this word around without giving an explanation of what they mean. Here’s my definition of authenticity. Basically in a nutshell, it means that you should be yourself.  In other words, the people that you network with online should be comfortable with you when they meet you in person because you act the same way online as you do in real life.  That’s it.  That’s what all of the gurus are talking about when they say “Be authentic”.  Oops I said it again!

But why is this important you ask? Great question!  Authenticity is important because people buy from other people they know, like and trust (yes I know another buzz word you hear over and over again).  People can’t get to know you if you don’t give them a chance too.  I know it seems uncomfortable, but you’ve got to give people a chance to see the real you.  Once people see that you are an actual human being and not a robot (yes there are robots on Twitter) they’ll be more likely to click on the links that you post and respond to your messages.

Okay, I understand that I have to be “authentic” and show my personality so people can get to know the “real” me.  But how do I do that?  Again, another great question.  Think of Twitter like a big party.  What would you do if you were at a party and you did not know anyone?  Well more than likely you’d listen to a few conversations and then join a group of people talking about something you find interesting, right? You’d probably introduce yourself and then add to the conversation.  Well you can do the same thing online with Twitter.  You can use Twitter’s search capability to find people to follow that are interesting to you.  You can introduce yourself to those people with an “@” message, then you can start adding to the conversation.  Once you start doing that, then you can start posting messages about your business. 

Only start promoting yourself after you’ve promoted something someone else is doing.  It takes some time to get some momentum going on Twitter, but once you do, you won’t be able to stop all of the traffic and sales that Twitter will bring you.  Now what are you waiting for? Jump on Twitter and start tweeting!

The Twitter background: To snaz or not to snaz that is the question. I really have no definitive answer to that question. But it seems that if you are trying to make a name for yourself anything will help and it can’t hurt to pimp out your Twitter background to see if you can’t stand out from the rest maybe even create a little controversy. If you already are famous as heck, like Demi Moore, I guess you don’t have to do squat to your account to attract huge followings of Twitter faithful who will hang on your every word. 

That said I thought I would spot light a few Twitter backgrounds and give you some background on the backgrounds if that makes any sense at all.

Since we mentioned Demi Moore already I will just start with her background. Of course if you are a Gen Xer you remember Demi as the hot starlet with the husky voice from St. Elmos Fire or perhaps her early marriage to Bruce Willis or the too numerous to mention movies she has starred in and now are just starting to believe she is some sort of vampire, because frankly gravity is not doing things to her body that it is to the rest of us. If you are younger than a Gen Xer you just may think she is some pretty young woman you’d like to hangout with. Whatever you think of Demi… her Twitter following has erupted to over half of million while probably her Twitter background is one of the most plain and unpretentious on the site. Her back ground or the lack of it can be seen at http://twitter.com/mrskutcher (how do you get 1,000,000+ folowers?)

Now to cover the other end of the spectrum I think absolute craziest Twitter background title belongs to Mr. Michael Ian Black in which has a depiction of him hiding behind Dr. Pepper cans evidently naked and apparently strangling a unicorn while Demi Moore is looking on. 

This background seems to be helping him gain followers because he also has over a quarter of a million followers, even though he is not famous. He does claim to be a famous comedian but his claim to fame is from an obscure show on MTV which no one watched since MTV has stopped playing video and started ripping off Mexican TV game shows. His Twitter background can be seen at http://api.twitter.com/michaelianblack

To contrast the art work of the Mr. Blacks Twitter background I would like to leave you with the classic black background. The sort of Ralf Lorene style background which no one can comment on or condemn, because it is so simple and classically black. This is the little black dress of Twitter websites and like the dress it is perfect for every occasion. In the Twitter world a classic black background goes with whatever you have to say. The classic black background goes well with political statements, just day to day banter, celebrity gossip even if you don’t have anything to say. Like in the case of The Mime who has not only gained over 8,000 followers without being famous he has also gained all of those followers without ever tweeting a single word. That’s right since becoming a member The Mime has amassed a loyal following thru his classic black background and his uncanny ability to keep us spellbound by his “…” tweets. You can see The Mime on Twitter at http://api.twitter.com/TheMime  

So, you can see for yourself how a background can work or not work for you.

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The goal you set for your Twitter involvement will serve as a filter for what you Tweet and what you don’t.

You see, they call it “social networking” on purpose. The word “social” is there for a reason. There is an informal and purely social component to Twitter and it’s impossible to resist. The trick is to balance the purely social aspect with the important professional objective. You can play with limits, but you wand to do so intentionally, aware that you’re deviating from your goal. By doing this, you will be better able to serve your chief goal without locking yourself into a dull and limited existence on Twitter.

Twitter should work for you. You shouldn’t work for Twitter.

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Fred Lotgering
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Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging tool.  It doesn’t have an identity and it doesn’t have a personality.  However, there is a prevailing set of norms that govern Twitter use.  They’re created by the expectations of the user base.

If you’re just getting started with Twitter, it can be tough to develop a sense of the best way to use your newfound Tweeting power.  There is a dominance Twitter culture and a “way of doing things”.  Getting into the flow and learning the rhythm of the site isn’t always easy.

Here’s one way around the problem:  Follow a few people with big follower bases and watch them for awhile.  Learn how they use Twitter and recognize the techniques they use to be a real voice in the conversation.

If you watch a few of the “big boys” doing their thing, you’ll soon figure out how you might be able to use the site effectively in order to meet your online goals.  

Learning from the best isn’t a new idea.  It works, though.  And it works very well when applied to learning the lay of the Twitter land. You will find many tips and resources on this blog.

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