Most people soon realize that they can increase their follower numbers dramatically by aggressively promoting your Twitter URL online. Email signatures, forum signatures, badges on blogs, and a variety of other methods can help increase the size of one’s fan base.

Now that Twitter is getting so big, there’s another way to increase attention. It may be time for you to start promoting your Twitter URL offline, too.

Put it on your letterhead. Stick it on your business cards. Is your company handing out brochures, running Yellow Pages advertising, putting a display ad in the newspaper? Put that Twitter URL right there for everyone to see.

When Twitter was smaller, it didn’t seem like it could make much a difference to engage in offline promotion. Now that the user base has grown to such monumental proportions, it’s time to pull the trigger on offline promotion.

These techniques have a proven record of success with other URLs and should transfer nicely to promoting your Twitter presence.

You want to maximize your follower base, right? Start spreading the word online… And on the street.

If you use Twitter on the web by itself there’s already a lot of things that you can do to promote your business. However there are several other ways that you can enhance your Twitter experience. After reading this article, you’ll learn of 3 ways that you can enhance your Twitter experience.

1. Use Twitter in combination with other networking sites

This is absolutely critical. That is why it is listed first. You should never put all your eggs in the same basket. What if something happens to Twitter? What if it’s down for maintenance? What if there are just too many tweeps on at once and you keep seeing the fail whale (that’s what happens when you can’t load twiter)? There is a service called tweetake, which allows you to download your followers, favorites, tweets, dms, everything you need to talk to your Twitter family outside of Twitter. I suggest you download this file from tweetake daily. Another thing you should do is invite your friends to join you on Facebook or LinkedIn. I recommend putting your Facebook profile on your Twitter page as your website. That way when people follow you on Twitter, they’ll go right to your Facebook page and follow you there too. Find an email address for your Twitter posse so you can send emails to them. Don’t send them commercial messages unless they sign up for your email list. That’s considered spam. You can send them messages that you’d send to your friends. It’s great to email your Twitter friends information that will help them with their business. They’ll be extremely grateful to you for sending them wondeful information and it will seem more personal because you sent it right to them instead of blasting it to the whole Twitterverse!

2. Use Twitter +twitwall to market your telecalls.

Twitwall is an excellent service to use to market your telecalls. Every Twitter user gets a twitwall. You’d use your twitwall when you have things that are more than 140 characters to post. You can use your twitwall to promote your telecalls very easily. You’d just post the relevant information to the twitwall and then retweet it. Important: Be sure to include the words please retweet in the headline when you post information about your telecall. Even though twitwall makes it easy for people to retweet your information, they won’t do it unless you tell them to most of the time.

3. Twitter + Hashtag + Tweetchat = PARTY!

Another great way to get people talking about you and your business is to hold a Twitter party! Twitter parties are very easy to set up. All you have to do is create a hashtag for your party. Basically a hashtag acts a tracker for your party. Once you decide on a hashtag, next pick a date and a time. Then start telling everyone that’s in your Twitter family about your party and ask them to retweet the information for you. On the day of the party you can use tweetchat to follow everything everyone is saying about the party. Tweetchat is awesome because once you go to the website and log in, it automatically inserts the hashtag and tells you how many characters you have left to tweet with. It also allows you to momentarily stop the chat within the chat room so you can scroll back and see what was said before you enter the room. It’s important to both participate in and throw Twitter parties because it’s a great way to get the word out about your business and you can meet new people that are interested in the same things that you are interested in.

Twitter is a great tool to use to drive traffic to your website. These things that I’ve mentioned will only improve the amount and quality of the traffic you get to your website.

Twitter creator Jack Dorsey unveiled a hot new venture today.

Jack Dorsey, The Twitter creator, gave the first public demonstration of his hotly-anticipated latest venture — a device to allow credit card payments by cell phone — and also revealed that it would be given away for free.

Rumors have been circulating on the Internet since it was announced earlier this month, but little has been known about how it works or who it was aimed at.

More details of “Square” — a card reader which plugs into the headphone socket of most mobile devices — were revealed.

Square, a tiny cube about an inch in length, contains a magnetic strip reader that allows users to swipe and read credit cards, then deduct payment on or offline through a downloaded application that communicates with card issuers in the same way as retailer devices. Customers use their finger on the phone’s touch-recognition screen to sign their name to the transaction.


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Twitter makes a Big Splash

For only being a single website it sure has made a splash. Although it shares some of the same ideas as Facebook or MySpace and Blogger its incredible ease of use coupled with its limit of one hundred and forty character micro posts this user generated website is breaking all kinds of records. Twitter has also been making a lot of news so if you haven’t been keeping up here is what you have been missing.

Due to Twitter allowing third party users to create applications to complement the websites experience for its user’s big names have gotten on the band wagon. It may be old news that people have been tweeting from their iphones and Blackberry but things may really start to get out of hand with Twitter if “Twiiter” (that’s with to letter “I’s”) the Wii game console based “Twitter like” application becomes integrated with the actual Twitter web site. You can see how far they have actually come by visiting the Twiiter web site at .

When we see more people Tweeting from their living room after losing a game of Wii golf we may see more news like the kind we heard in early April when Demi Moore popularity on Twitter was credited saving the life of a suicidal women who tweeted “I’m just wondering if anyone cares that I’m gonna kill myself now” which may have gone unnoticed if it was not for Demi’s reply “Hope you are joking.” Due to Demi’s huge following on Twitter it was noticed and several people looked at the profile of the suicidal woman and finding her address they contacted the authorities in San Jose her home town and police immediately came in and took her to the hospital for evaluation.

With all that outpouring of cyber help it makes one wonder if or when something goes wrong with the space shuttle instead of relying on NASA to solve all of the problem maybe soon the Twitter community will be better equipped unless they are distracted by playing the new game, “Dead Space Extraction” for Wii due to be unleashed on the public this fall.

If you would like to follow what is really going on roughly 375 miles, or 600 kilometers above our heads you’ll want to follow New York astronaut Mike Massimo who will be working on the real Hubble telescope. You can follow Mr. Massimo on Twitter at as he prepares for takeoff. Mike also plans to be tweeting from outer space during his mission periodically.

Let’s hope there are just no Tweets on reentry like the ones that shocked the world from Mike Wilson aka when his plane made an unscheduled landing on the Hudson river early this year.

Mike arguably became the first person in history to serve as several national news agencies “credible news source” by texting tweets from his cell phone from the crash site before and while rescue attempts were still in progress. Turning Twitter not only something not only something news agencies talk about but also a place people are turning to get News first.