Using Twitter for YOUR Local Business

More and more local businesses are moving to online marketing from the traditional print, tv and radio advertising campaigns. Internet marketing methods are in general faster, cheaper, and far more flexible, giving your local businesses a chance to compete against much larger businesses or corporate chains. Twitter is just one of the many online advertising platforms available, but its 500 million active users make it an invaluable tool.

Twitter is officially described as a ‘microblogging’ site, as all posts made by users are limited to 140 characters each. Individuals as wll as companies and can create a profile and use it as a platform to ‘tweet’ information about themselves to their followers.

Twitter is particularly popular among celebrities and organizations because it allows them to reach out to a worldwide audience. As a result, Twitter is used just as much for business connections as it is for social interactions. 50 million of the site’s daily users follow brands, TV reportors (like CNN is using to the extreme) and now 66% of all tweets are of a commercial or business nature.

How To Implement A Twitter Strategy

When you use Twitter to broadcasting information about your business, it is important to have a well-planned strategy in place. A successful Twitter marketing strategy needs to work for Twitter users but also for search engines. Have alook to following key points to consider for yoru Twitter strategy:


Creating A Profile

Clearly, the first step in your Twitter campaign is to create a business profile that is interesting and informative. Your business’s Twitter name needs to be short and accurately describe your company. Your 160 character profile description should be rich in keyword phrases associated with your business products so that your profile can appear in proper related search results.


Follow other people

Start with following people within your own industry and connect with them. Let them know your site or blog and that can help you to build up relevant contacts. Communicating with them directly by commenting on their tweets makes you visible to their followers as well.


Building Up Twitter Followers

Advertising YOUR business on Twitter works best when you have a large audience of followers to communicate with. Building up followers is an on-going process, but there are certain methods you can use to speed it up. To increase your Twitter numbers you should inform everyone you know. Ask your employees, friends, and contacts to follow you on Twitter. This might seem like only a small step up, but it is a great way to give your follower numbers a kick start. Then you might want to advertise. Your existing customers are unlikely to search for your company out on Twitter unless you tell them to. Advertise the fact that your business have joined Twitter. Twitter icons on all of your existing online platforms, such as your website, blog, and Facebook business page(s). You should also provide your Twitter URL on your offline marketing material such as your business cards and brochures.


Tweet Content

The best way to create interest on Twitter to benefit for your business is through tweeting valuable information. Tweets can give your Twitter followers an insight into new products, great offers, or exclusive vouchers. If you need to get across a lot of information in you tweets, you can use the Twitdoc tool to add videos, images, or documents. Including SEO keywords and hashtags in your comments helps users to find them more easily.


Maintaining Twitter Followers

To maintain your follower numbers and to create a positive image of your company, it is crucial that your tweets are interesting (and worth reading) rather than exclusively promotional. You could occasionally tweet amusing comments or fun information just to peak users’ curiosity and get your business’s name out there. Re-tweeting is a particularly useful way to spread entertaining tweets across Twitter. When a person re-tweets your message it is broadcast to all of their own followers. Re-tweeting is the Twitter equivalent of going viral.


Maintain Good Twitter Practices

To make sure that you keep your followers, it is important to put good long-term practices in place. Producing too many overly promotional messages will quickly turn potential customers off. On the other hand, responding to comments on your profile as soon as possible shows that you value your followers’ opinions.


Results From Twitter Marketing

An engaging and well-designed Twitter marketing strategy can benefit your business in a number of ways:

1. Increased Sales

By displaying a link to your website clearly in your profile description and on some of your tweets, you can direct interested followers to your business website or business blog. Youi can link in your twee to a specific page or post. Of course it should be related and contain information someone might like to share. You could also include your address, phone number and other contact details in your profile so that followers can reach you through a variety of channels.

2. Better Online Visibility

Twitter has a high authority with Google so it is very likely that your Twitter profile will show up in searches related to your company. By filling your profile with valuable search engine optimized content you can ensure it ranks well in search results. Keep in mind, although unregistered users cannot make comments, they will be able to read tweets and other information on your Twitter profile.

3. Wider Customer Base

With 340 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries every day, Twitter reaches out to a vast audience worldwide. Through the site it is possible to expand your customer base more globally or extens your region. By using region-specific keywords and selective marketing, you can target users specifically in your local area and around.


How To Get Started With Twitter

Twitter is a useful marketing tool for small businesses. The site enables you to inexpensively increase your online visibility, widen your customer base and most importantly – increase your sales. However, for business owners with little experience navigating the social network, building up followers quickly, maintaining their numbers and tweeting content that is interesting as well as promotional can be difficult. For newcomers, one of the best ideas might be to hire an online marketing specialist to guide you through the process and take on some of the more complicated routine aspects. A qualified expert can help you to increase your follower numbers and convert those numbers into sales. For many business owners, putting your Twitter profile in the hands of a marketing specialist can save you both time and money.

Twitter is currently second to Facebook in a long list of popular social media sites. Twitter is recognized as a great way for people to connect with businesses. Most large businesses are using Twitter (like CNN). Since there are millions of people on Twitter, it provides a great way to increase customers for any determined local business.

Here are a few ways you can use to gather more followers around your city and consequently increase your local sales.

Twitter Search
Twitter offers a great feature that allows users to search for people in the same location. There is an advanced feature called “near this place” that enhances the local search and will help you find any tweets close to your business location. This can be used to find targeted customer groups around your place of business.

Nearby Tweets
This is a website ( ) that will show users where other users are located, of course depending on the information they submitted during signing up. This is another effective tool that business owners can use to find local tweets that can be of importance to their local business.

iPhone Applications
iPhone has made it easy for users to find other Twitter users in a local setting using different apps. There are a number of applications which will allow a business owner to view tweets from a location of their choice and convince them to follow them.

Finding Twitter users around you takes some time, but with the right information and tools, the process will be fast and easy and might very beneficial to your business

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