From a business standpoint, Twitter offers a variety of options for companies and brands. For example, the ability to reach your customers is as simple as sending out a tweet. You can also review customer feedback in real-time and provide your company’s news and latest updates.

Furthermore, once you’ve established your business on Twitter, you have the chance of going viral, meaning that your promotions, news, coupons, or whatever you choose to tweet, has the potential to spread to the masses.

Step 1- Signing Up
Signing up for Twitter is a relatively easy process. All you need is a valid email address. To get started, navigate to Twitter’s sign-up screen, and enter your full name.

Step 2- Details
Once you’ve entered your name, you’ll be taken to the proceeding page which will allow you to complete your sign-up details. Simply enter your name again, followed by your email address, and then choose a user name and password.

Step 3 – Getting Started
Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’re ready to learn how to follow other Twitter users. On the proceeding page, click the “Next” button in the top left-hand corner to continue.

Step 4 – Follow Other Users / Tutorial
You’ll now be prompted to follow five people, typically high-profile celebrities. Keep in mind that you can always delete these users once you’ve completed the tutorial.

Step 5 – Search for Colleagues, Friends, and More
You’ll now have a chance to search for friends, colleagues, customers, or anyone else you want to follow. Follow the tutorial on the next screen to continue.

Step 6 – Search for Contacts via Email
Once you understand how to follow others, you’ll be prompted to go to the next page, where you’ll be able to find others via your email address contacts. To get started, follow the prompts on the screen.

Step 7 – Your Personal Details
You are now ready to enter your personal details. On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter a short biography. If you’re promoting your company, this is the perfect opportunity to give potential customers details about your business.

Step 8 – Confirm Your Email Address
On the following page, you’ll be cued to confirm your email address. This step is important as it will allow you to fully access all of Twitter’s features, such as direct messages, settings, and more.

Step 9 – Compose Your First Tweet
Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’re now ready to start using Twitter. To compose your first tweet, place your mouse over “Compose New Tweet” box and start typing.

Step 10 – Getting Help
If you have any additional questions, or run into difficulties, you can visit Twitter’s Help section by clicking on the tool icon in the top right-hand corner.

Millions of local businesses owner have taken to social networking in order market, advertise, and attract new customers. Twitter is an ideal platform for busy business owners and managers as it specializes in short “tweets” that allows you to get your point across in 140 characters or less.

In addition to its convenience of quick and short messages, Twitter offers unique ways in which you can grow your local business that other social networking sites don’t offer.

Here are some of them:

1. Customer Interaction: Customer interaction is by far the most important action you can take to build an audience, attract new followers, and get more attention on your local business.

Twitter allows you to send out “tweets” in real-time that can reach all your followers all at once. In addition, customers and/or potential customers can easily tweet back or send you direct messages.

Again, customer interaction is the single most important thing you can do online to grow your company and attract new customers. Not only does it help you to gain loyal customers, but it also shows that you’re available when people have questions, comments, or concerns.

Unlike traditional ways of submitting questions and complaints via email or phone, customers can receive a response in real-time, right away, which helps them to gain confidence in your company.

Furthermore, feel free to engage in your customers’ tweets even if it’s not about your business. This will help you establish that “personal connection” with them.

2. Marketing Tools: Twitter’s web marketing tools allow you to create customized Twitter buttons for your website. With Twitter Ads, you can promote both your account and chose tweets to send to a target audience of your choice.

With Twitter’s self-service ad platform, local business owners are offered affordable ad services while getting full-service advertisement usage.

In fact, you can set your own budget, and you’ll only be charged when someone follows your promoted tweets. Organic tweets are not included and are never charged, and there is no monthly fee. For more information, simply click on your Settings tab on your Twitter homepage.

3. Company News Updates: Twitter offers a quick and affordable (free) way for you to alert your followers to any company news updates, such as promotions, new business hours, new services products, or anything relevant news updates you’d like to share.

With a quick tweet, your followers can provided any company news and/or updates you want to share. Updates and company news give followers a reason to actively engage with you, which may lead to more business.

4. Going Viral: One of the more prominent advantages of Twitter is the ability of certain tweets to go “viral,” meaning that one or many of your tweets has the potential to reach millions across the globe, and more importantly, reach consumers right in your local area.

5. Contests and Coupons: Many companies have had success in gaining new followers, therefore gaining new customers, by holding “Twitter Contests.” Contests can range from offering a free service to the 50th newest follower or holding a drawing for a free product to a random follower. In addition, Twitter is an easy way to allow all followers to know, in real-time, about company specials and coupons.

6. Following Relevant Companies and People: By following similar companies such as your own, not only can you gain secrets into their marketing tips, but you can also expose yourself to others who may potentially turn into new customers.

Take time to reply the other businesses and share any information that can help your company. Also, consider following active followers of relevant companies who may interested in your services as well.

7. Bring More Traffic to Your Website: In addition to placing Twitter buttons on your website’s homepage, you can also drive more traffic to your site by utilizing Twitter’s bio section to include your business website address and other details.

It is recommended that some of your tweets actually send followers to your company website for additional information.

To stay on top of branding, it is ideal to create a Twitter username that is the exact same as your company name – if that’s not possible, be sure it’s very close.

Additionally, a customized background will help your Twitter page look more professional, as well as help with branding.

8. Twitter Lists: Twitter lists are user-created lists that allow you to engage and keep track of certain people and businesses. This not only allows you to organize your network, but it also allows you to organize your current customers, future customers, and business partners.

In addition, Twitter Lists provides you a way to monitor competitors in your industry unbeknownst to anyone, via a private list. Moreover, if you’re having a company event or sale, tweeting, while effective, may not reach all of customers if they aren’t checking Twitter when you make the announcements.

While you can definitely tweet the event as many times as you like, a Twitter list allows people to connect and interact before the event, as well as get reminders.

9. Your Biography: As aforementioned, Twitter allows users to create a biography in order to give more details about yourself and your company. Be sure to optimize your biography in a way that reflects what your company does and what you offer.

Several Twitter users become new customers by simply reading Twitter biographies. Keep in mind, however, that Twitter operates on short, concise information, so you only have a limited about of characters to create your biography.

Make it count by choosing the most pertinent information you want people to see.

10. Tweet Helpful Local Content: In addition to tweeting relevant company information, consider tweeting helpful local content, such as upcoming weather and other things that locals may be interested in


Most Internet users, including Twitter users, search for geographic-specific information on a regular basis. By tweeting hyper-local information, you’re opening up to an even wider local market.

Using the information listed in this report, your local business has a successful chance in reaching a high volume of people that otherwise would have never known about your company.

As a result, your business can ultimately generate new leads and customers via Twitter, but keep in mind that customer interaction is the key. The more often you interact with people, the better chance you have that they will check out your tweets, your company website, and your services.

Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for companies, and with dedication, time, and effort, your local business will blossom.