To tweet or not to tweet…

To tweet or not to tweet…
5 Tweeting tips for all TWITTER MARKETING

To create an effective marketing strategy on twitter, one doesn’t need to spend much time at all. In fact, just about an hour a day is good enough (provided you take at least 10-15 minute breaks). Here are some fascinatingly helpful tips that can help you become more productive and efficient in that one hour that you spend on Twitter.

Pondering your Tweet: When a person tweets, the message is estimated to last a minimum time duration of 10 seconds in the minds of the followers reading your tweet. All messages automatically enter a general timeline and stay there till they are consequentially replaced by another tweet. Reasons for a follower to remember your tweet would depend on the nature of your tweet. Unless you tweet something extremely offensive or extremely hilarious, people will not remember what you said even five minutes after you tweet it, forget about what you tweeted yesterday or a week before.

Tweets do not have to be weighty. They are not designed to be so anyway. It is because of this simple reason that we can use abbreviations in out tweets. However, one must make sure that the abbreviations used are corresponding with the same abbreviations used by your business. If used incorrectly, the image set by a business could be at risk. You should also keep in mind that one does not have all their tweets create a 50 percent click through rate.

Even drops of water can create a crack in the stone – If you plan on using the leads from Twitter to increase sales and create a practicable marketing strategy, you must learn to be patient because it could take weeks or even months for that goal to be reached. Learn to take your time and let your followers get to know the real you in order to gain their trust. Only when that is achieved will they be willing to buy what you are selling.

You don’t need to read every single tweet from your followers: You need to realize the simple fact that it is not possible to follow everyone. An effective marketer would be followed and would be getting thousands of followers. To keep up with every one could drain you. Plus, there is no guarantee that everyone you follow would tweet content that interests you all the time. There is no shame in accepting the fact that you don’t have time to read tweets from some people. Pick a few, stick to them.

The following list provides some solutions to identify the people whose tweets you would potentially want to read:

1. Only follow the worthy: On Twitter, you will come across hundreds of associate marketers and spammers that will be following you, so it is best to just simply ignore them. It helps to locate people in your industry, people in your city, and most importantly your customers. Learn to keep your list of followers to just the people who write worthwhile tweets, this could prove to an asset.

2. Save those key searches. It is always helpful to save searches based on the keywords or phrases. Looking for topics that contain hashtags, keywords in your business or current events can help. Now, instead of having to scan every tweet for that elusive message about completely unrelated topics, you only have to see the tweets related to the topic that interests you the most.

Value addition to your Tweets: There is a misconception that dictates tweets have to be of a certain contextual type. Always Tweet about whatever you want to speak out or share, provided that you add value to that tweet in the process. For instance, you can add value to your tweets by telling people something related to breaking news, stories, interesting articles, bog posts or new resources.

Clever way of using your marketing tweets: It is important that you send out marketing tweets. The question is, how many should you send out. What is the acceptable ratio of mixed marketing messages? According to experts, the recommended stream of tweets should have one out of every nine as a marketing tweet. In this scenario, for every one marketing messages that you plan on sending out, you should send out nine messages that don’t have anything remotely close to the product or service that you or your business is marketing about in the first place.

This becomes a great opportunity for you to make those nine tweets conversational by simply adding value to them. These can be anything your heart desires. Talk about sports if you will or even cooking shows. Remember, you have 140 characters to use so use it wisely and go all out to spend those characters in the best manner possible.

Create a schedule for your Tweets: it is absolutely imperative that you know exactly how many times and at what times of the day or night, your business prospers from you visit on Twitter. This can be done realistically when you calibrate the number of times you check your e-mail people, the number of times you talk or play with your smart phone, and the number of days in a week that you work.

Twitter is renowned for its simple usage. Its limitation is its greatest strength. It’s a social networking website that allows users to ‘tweet’ to their hearts content, each tweet being of a collection of nothing more than 140 characters of text. Each user can opt to follow another and similar to a newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter has a feed which consists of the tweets of the many users one has followed. As a social networking website, Twitter has charmed the internet world into connecting once again beyond borders with its simplicity and catchy trending blocks of text and hash tags on the side.

When it comes to social marketing, creative ideas keeps the flow going. With the advent of twitter, comes the aspect of extremely simplistic marketing strategies. A lot of companies have opted to make use of this particular social networking website’s for the purpose of marketing themselves and connecting with their customers. However, while it’s as simple as 140 characters, it’s better if you attempt your social marketing use of the website with a few things in mind.

Setting up

Despite the twitter users love/hate relationship with words (and word limits), the way the world works these days, particularly the way impressions are made, is extremely deep rooted in visual presentation. And while twitter is all about characters of text, it does not fail to deliver when it comes to visuals. As a business this is important as it sets the tone for whenever a customer views your twitter profile. It’s always best to make use of the themes it offers, or to customize it you would prefer that.

A profile picture, a header picture as well as a background image is allowed. In a way, it’s as important as the design you would choose for your own website. There is also the option to include a brief description of the twitter profile, which is integral because most profile visitors, after being awed or dismayed by the visual representation of a profile, will read the little description. It’s important that your twitter profile as well as any other online presence your business has to be consistent in terms of visuals.

The main element to keep in mind when building your profile is to think of what kind of story you and/or your business want the people you’re connecting with to see. Make use of the detail you are allowed to put up such as your location, your website and a catchy introduction to the profile.

Furthermore, twitter allows for users to upload pictures and write descriptions of it. There is no saying how powerful of a marketing technique one can make of this, which will be discussed in the next point.

The Lure of Hash tags

Twitter is all about saying smart things and saying it within 140 characters. It’s important to realize that being able to do so with positive results takes practice and a good command of words, although there is no such thing as an incorrect tweet. Along with the tweets, twitter offers the use of hash tags, which are extremely useful as they allow users to contextualize their tweets by using the hash symbol (#) before a word or phrase.

They also allow users to search for topics of their interest. Hash tags can result in trends or discussions about a particular topic; and can be used extremely well for long term marketing. For example, in the case of an ongoing competition, a trendy phrase can be turned into a hash tag for the marketer to keep track of its audience as well as for the customers to feel like they are a part of something.
When it comes to hash tags and images, you are allowed to play with the best of both worlds: visual elements along with text. For any business, it’s important to show what their services are. It’s important to be able to tell a customer that this is what the service or product is capable of. When it comes to the use of images, twitter and advertising, together with its hash-tagging service, there is no need to describe the potential reach it yields.

Tweet for Customer Service:

Gone are the days when complaints and questions would be put through waiting phone lines or emails. A lot of companies choose to let twitter be the platform for such interaction from and with customers. By doing so, it endorses the fact that your company doors are always open through the power of tweeting. Many companies have established their twitter profile as the place to be when it comes to complaints about a service or any questions. This is an invaluable asset that tweeting can offer, and any business not to take advantage of it while it’s in its prime will lose out.

So there you have it. Overall twitter offers social marketers the benefits of real-time marketing through an online platform. There are several ways to creatively interact with your customers, make new customers and maintain your loyal customers through the use of twitter.