An online marketer today would want to embrace the best of marketing strategies through effective marketing tips available from the Internet. One of the growing popular avenues of network marketing is Twitter. Success could come more readily if the right Twitter marketing tools are engaged. These tools can be secured from the host of marketing gurus who share their expertise and experience in manipulating effective and efficient network marketing tips.

Business owners and marketers can enjoy quick success with dynamic Twitter marketing tools to draw massive traffic to their web business site. With the top 10 Twitter marketing tools presented here, business owners and marketers would be positioned ahead of their competitors to enjoy the best of marketing outcomes.

Twitter offers a host of exciting features that could be manipulated effectively in any network marketing approach to achieve the desired business goal and objective. Business owners and marketers should familiarize themselves with these features, especially the top 10 below.

Tool Tip 1 – 

This Twitter tool is designed to put Twitter on autopilot mode. This enables business owners and marketers to have a breather when they are preoccupied with many crucial and urgent business priorities.

An autopilot mode feature allows a clear overview of account activities without confusion and clutter. The system is able to present all events and activities via this simple application to help business owners and marketers gauge the condition of their business plans and development.

Tool Tip 2 – 

This fabulous Twitter tool is designed to allow tweets to be typed, but sent out later. This is an extremely useful marketing tool for those who are busy and may forget to tweet to their fans and followers.

There is an auto-follow monitoring on followers to stay connected and updated for building better relations that would boost business. This useful marketing tool is extremely helpful to marketers who must tweet regularly to stay connected with their customers or fans, but procrastination or busyness may be costly in Twitter marketing. Moreover, precious time is saved with this marketing tool where marketers could use their time more effectively to boost their sales and bottom line.

Tool Tip 3 – 

One of Twitter’s strengths is the brevity with its tweets limited to 140 characters. This is well managed by this marketing tool where long URLS over 140 characters can be shortened without destroying the link. This tool also keeps track of the number of clicks on the shortened URL for further analysis and improvement.

Tool Tip 4 – &

Network marketing involves creating a unique and special brand that would easily attract consumers. Hence, a “personal brand” would make a great selling point that captivates the attention of the Twitter community.

The objective is easily achieved with an excellently developed background on the business owner or marketer that would be introduced professionally to Twitter fans and followers. Killer tweets offer awesome backgrounds with a fee to provide the right stage in promoting the business marketer whereas twit backs is offered free with less charming options.

Tool Tip 5 – is similar to the traditional “yellow pages” on Twitter. This feature allows the Twitter community to search and find others in the same or close by vicinities or like-minded Twitter users who may be interested to indulge in the business.

The chances of success increase when marketers can identify the right niche market and targeted audience in promoting the business brand and wares. Time and effort are required to check out the profile pages of these potential leads to confirm their suitability for the business.

Tool Tip 6 –

This marketing tool allows a “de-registering” of followers who do not seem to be active after some period of time. This is a common scenario where followers may grow cold in their interest or become too busy to follow the profiler after some time. Twitter offers a limit ratio on those who are following and those followed to help the marketer clean up the customer database to be more effective in their marketing endeavors.

Tool Tip 7 – 

This Twitter tool site allows an automated management of like-minded Twitter followers to help marketers gauge the potential lead size when planning any possible marketing campaign. The follower size identification gives the marketer better options in implementing the best of marketing campaigns to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Tool Tip 8 – 

Twitter offers this dynamic marketing toolbar with 100 Twitter tips for marketers to manage their online marketing endeavors effectively. It contains a host of cool features that allows a simplification of marketing activities for the best results.

Tool Tip 9 – No Spamming

One of the most important marketing tips on Twitter is to avoid spamming followers. Spamming inconveniences and frustrates recipients who may just spread bad vibes about the business and its owner. This is detrimental to the business; instead of flourishing, the business is likely to take a dive in reputation, popularity and trust.

Business owners should understand what tweets constitute as spam activities to avoid them at all cost. Professional management of tweets and their sending out frequency are crucial to the success of the business using Twitter marketing.

Tool Tip 10 – Complete Essentials

Another great Twitter marketing tip is to ensure that all essential sections or setting in Twitter have been completed satisfactory. It is crucial to fill up essential component in setting up a valid Twitter account to avoid a fall-out with the social media management system.


There may be various columns and portions which are mandatory to identify the profiler accurately. False information would lead to a wrong impression which generates mistrust and disrespect. There should also be a clickable link for the business URL which would make it easy for followers to follow through to discover more about the business offerings. The bio section is a vital component which must be completed correctly for a right match-up before trust and good relations could be established to open the way for potential business opportunities.

The market offers a lot of Twitter marketing software to help businesses improve on their marketing efforts and results. However, there are various similar features in their functions. Business owners and marketers who take on Twitter marketing software in their marketing endeavors need to know the best of features offered in that software which benefits the business in terms of traffic, sales and potential leads.

Upsides of Software

It may seem a daunting task for business owners and marketers in selecting the best of Twitter marketing software, but an identification of business goals and objectives as well as marketing plans and strategies can ease the task.

Twitter marketing software has features that allow a pre-setting of tweets to be displayed on Twitter at all times. It is possible to choose preferred times for the tweets to be sent out automatically. This is ideal for business owners and marketers who can use their time on other priorities without losing sleep or money via Twitter marketing.

Such software can spin tweet messages to be different in every sent-out. This would keep Twitter fans and followers interested and excited with all business updates and offers. Less effort would be required by business owners and marketers in being creative to generate captivating tweets that would attract more potential leads and establish loyal customers.

More and more business owners and marketers are implementing Twitter marketing software which can monitor the number of Twitter followers for a quick gauge on the popularity of the business brand and offerings. Moreover, such software is able to de-list inactive followers to give business owners and marketers a more realistic evaluation and report on the business progress.

Downsides of Software

But there are possible shortcomings with certain Twitter marketing software, especially with changing technologies and systems. Consumer demands and business modus operandi may cause certain software features to be less than favorable in a package deal.

Marketing software on Twitter may not be able to evaluate the quality of followers as there may be a lot of spam activities in the network. Many other marketers may even try to spam the business Twitter account with their own promotional links that may clutter the business tweets and web pages. When too many spam activities happen, the Twitter management system may suspend the Twitter account. disallows listing and de-listing of followers, although the software may offer such feature. Hence, a flouting of this Twitter requirement would cause a fall-out with Twitter that bans the business webpage and profile page. Sending too many tweets too frequently as well as sending the same tweets repeatedly may also incur the wrath of Twitter.

Variety of Software

Different business owners and marketers have their own preferences when it comes to Twitter marketing software. Every piece of software may be designed uniquely with certain similar features to boost the business operations on the Internet depending on the creativity and innovation of business owners and marketers.

Identifying the right business goals and objectives would help business owners and marketers in selecting the best of Twitter marketing software that would boost their marketing campaign with Twitter. Twitter marketing software can help business owners and marketers to identify and secure targeted Twitter users according to preferred categories such as place, keywords, tweet topic, commonalities and background.


TweetAdder is one of the top 3 Twitter marketing software in the market offering a host of features that would make a Twitter marketing campaign dynamic and successful. This vibrant marketing software is an excellent tool that allows an identification of targeted users by demographics and biography keywords to be followed and monitored.

The business owner or marketer can adjust the frequency of tweeted keywords to categorize followers for further marketing actions. An easy search is available for specific Twitter followers, including competitors’ followers to view the group.

TweetAdder offers a superior search system where competitors’ followers could be added to the business marketer’s database as potential leads. Scheduling tweets is a standard feature to release the marketer from tedious activities which must be performed regularly. Hence, business marketers are able to make use of their time more productively. The software sets the pre-designed tweets to be sent out at appropriate set times to generate a good flow of tweets to targeted Twitter fans and followers as well as potential leads.

There may not be many downsides of TweetAdder as this software tool has been intricately designed to boost the marketing activities of business owners and marketers on the social media networks. Hence, it could be higher priced to be deemed affordable to small and new online businesses.

Hummingbird 2

Another of the top Twitter marketing software in the market today is Hummingbird 2. It offers a very modern feel via Adobe’s new Air platform with a smooth operation. The search features of Hummingbird 2 may be more limited than that of TweetAdder but it is more affordable.

Moreover, the search facility of Hummingbird 2 may be awkward to those who are not familiar with the software features as. However, with the proper understanding and manipulation, this software tool is able to search out tweeted keywords immediately for an immediate follow-up on potential fans and leads that offers a more organic search.

Hummingbird 2 users may choose to follow an identified user or disregard it if certain criteria are not satisfied. It is a useful marketing tool for those who want to have some technological assistance in identifying Twitter followers as potential leads.

Tweet Whistle

This Twitter marketing tool may not be as powerful as TweetAdder or Hummingbird 2; however, its features are quite sufficient in locating followers by area, tweeted keywords and user bio information. It is one of the cheapest marketing tools to be very affordable for most small and budget-tight online businesses today.

Tweet Whistle offers good features that are commonly found in TweetAdder with certain uniqueness in its package. It offers a built-in feed for messages with options to remove or reply tweets. The interface may be quite elaborate for a novice marketer to understand fully but it suffices as a cost efficient marketing tool on the Twitter platform.