Blogging is an exciting online activity which many consumers take advantage of today with the free blog space and blogging resources. However, blogs are also dynamic tools which marketers are using to promote their business brand and business offerings.

Aspiring authors or writers would need to manipulate blogging to capture the market. Blogs are an excellent marketing option to promote ambitions as a writer, author or business entrepreneur. Great content must be promoted to create the right market awareness for a higher readership.

Driving Traffic through Tweets

A successful blogging career requires volumes of traffic to the blog site with a large readership. Many innovative bloggers take advantage of social media networks like Twitter to promote their blogs to reach a wider audience and secure fame.

Tweeting about the blog is a powerful marketing approach to connect with potential leads and customers. Twitter provides more than 500 million users to source potential business leads that could boost the fame of bloggers quickly.

A successful Twitter marketing strategy in promoting the blogs must be actively implemented through a well designed marketing plan and campaign. Proactive bloggers are creative in their marketing strategies via Twitter in tweeting about their blog posts.

Short provocative tweets are very dynamic in generating the right dose of curiosity and interest about the blog in promotion. The apt use of maximum 140 characters could bring on a higher interaction rate from web readers who might be compelled to find out more about the blog.

A link could also be included in the tweet that would direct readers to the targeted website for more information about the topic, brand or products and services promoted. Creatively designed and well positioned links in the tweet help readers go directly to the website for extra detailed information quickly.

A high degree of creativity and innovation in blog tweets must be incorporated to generate a higher interest and curiosity about the blog and blogger. This may refer to diverting from the post title in the tweet with creative topics or headlines. A tweet could also include a call-to-action feature which stirs up curiosity and interest in the blog post or link. A tweet could also be professionally provocative but still links to a blog article while stirring mixed emotions from Twitter fans and followers.

Variations of tweets with fewer words are very powerful and effective in drawing different crowds to the blog. Bloggers need to check out what types of tweets work best for them. Bloggers could also offer their fans and followers an intriguing quote that hints a specific flavor of the post content. Quotes have been proven to be effective marketing tools in tweets to draw more web traffic. Tweets with quotes are more likely to be re-tweeted and thus, reach more audience. Fans and followers who like the quote are inclined to click on the URL to visit the blog site.

Tweets with market statistics are powerful in promoting the blog. Statistics in the form of numbers and characters stand out in the flood of tweets to capture the attention of targeted followers and niche audience. Statistics form an exciting marketing tool that conveys an amazing fact about the blog. A shortened link to the blog site would prompt followers to visit the blog site for an immediate read.

#Hashtags and @mentions

Hashtags are powerful in spreading tweets on various categories or topics. The chosen word or phrase after the hashtag sign indicates the topic of discussion or focus. These are great marketing tools to connect with Twitter users, fans and followers who might be potential business leads and prospects

Twitter hashtags are dynamic in driving traffic to the blog, especially themed hashtags, which could promote a particular blog or a specific landing page. This is a dynamic marketing tool because customized hashtags are possible without limiting the creativity of the blogger in promoting their blog

Standard customized hashtags could be applied to the entire blog in any website while different hashtags could be generated for special events such as online contests. Such hashtags allow others to tweet or dialogue about the post. Tweets on the same hashtags would bring up similar results in the search which forms the desired traffic to the web or blog site.

General hashtags are commonly deployed to identify common topics in a blog. Hence, the tweet would be seen by others searching for that same topic hashed.

@mentions refers to the inclusion of Twitter users’ @usernames. This feature allows the marketer to tweet directly to any preferred fan, follower, potential lead or customer on Twitter. A great way to drive more traffic to the blog using @mentions is to mention prominent industry bloggers or companies that are recognized by the community or customers. Mentioning these in a tweet with a link to the blog post helps to attract more traffic with a possible re-tweet to other followers.

Mentioning those who gave good feedback or comments on blog posts is an excellent market image builder. This act is also construed as an acknowledgment to loyal blog supporters who have been reading the blogs and tweeting about them to others which spread the fame of the blogger. Guest bloggers or new bloggers could be mentioned in @mentions in a tweet linking to their own post.

Good Tweeting Practices

Good tweeting practices bring more business opportunities to the blogger for more traffic and higher readership. Just as the wise saying goes, “one good turn deserves another”, mentioning the user who mentioned the blog content or a re-tweet would establish strong relations between the parties for greater exploits; be it personal or business.

Courtesy well exercised using tweets in any manner would be returned if executed with politeness and moderation. This would mean helping out another to allow others to see the better side of the tweeter to draw nearer for better opportunities.

Well written tweets that are precise in words and meaning would be easily understood by viewers to take the necessary actions that benefit the business. Interesting tweets that are captivating would drive traffic. This may include appealing or attractive images in tweet messages.