Many online marketers may wonder how to create a huge list of paying Twitter followers if Twitter was chosen as their preferred social media marketing platform. Modern technologies and advanced facilities available today make it easy for marketers to manipulate Twitter dynamically to generate big bucks in a short period of time.

Twitter marketing can be a very powerful marketing platform to generate huge profits if marketers understand this social media network dynamics. Twitter offers great opportunities in generating massive web traffic to the online business website from the huge pool of Twitter users available. Niche markets are easily identified to be targeted as potential business leads as paying followers besides being loyal fans.

Software Applications

One of the effective marketing strategies of the online business entrepreneur or marketer is to have paying followers who would support the business to apply effective software that benefits the modus operandi of the business. The right marketing and management software implemented, would assist the business in identifying targeted searches for niche markets suitable to boost the business operations, growth and expansion.

The market has many types of software with dynamic features to search on a myriad of essential criteria relevant to the business. Appropriate keywords, topics, user information and even zip codes could be potential search factors to locate potential leads for the business. Like-minded consumers who are more inclined towards the business would support the brand and products or services more readily when identified by powerful software which matches the criteria to business requirements.

The marketer saves lots of time and effort in identifying targeted audiences while playing in a dynamic marketing campaign to fuel the branding and market presence. Such software is likely to grow the business potential list exponentially when run on Twitter which has thousands if not millions of subscribers. The marketer must take the next course of action by following these potential leads who would reciprocate in return. A consistent building up of relations would instill trust and confidence in the brand and product that would convert the fan or follower into a paying customer over time.

Relationship Development

When targeted niche markets are identified, the marketer must make time and put in sufficient effort in building strong relations with each fan or follower who is a potential lead to the business. When a strong relationship is established, trust and confidence as well as respect are instilled between marketer and follower.

As Twitter followers continue to follow the marketers, information about the brand and products or services could be shared in a convincing manner that presents the tweeted content to be useful and relevant to the followers. This value-added content which is presented in a compelling approach would transform a follower into a paying customer.

Strong follower relationships are critical in generating good business opportunities to share value-added contents that would compel followers to make a purchase. This would be the bottom line or final goal of the Twitter marketer to be successful in any Twitter marketing endeavor.

Compelling Tweet Contents

How could Twitter followers be turned into paying customers of the brand or business? It is not just establishing a strong relationship after identifying targeted niche audiences for the business, but great tweets are also instrumental.

Tweets are only 140 characters long on Twitter; hence, marketing tweets must be clear, concise and convincing. The contents must be more than profit-oriented; the tweet must share information that is important to twitter followers with a value-added component. Modern consumers would see through the marketing desperation of Twitter marketers from their marketing oriented tweets than value-added contents.

When value-added contents form the attractive tweets to targeted followers, respect is secured to stir up curiosity on the brand and product offerings. These followers may click on the business URL to visit the business website and search through the list of potential products to be purchased.

Tweets need to be compelling in their presentation and conveyance in every message targeted to followers who are potential leads to the business. There must be a genuine excitement and interest in helping the follower pursue better things in life that benefit them which are subtly related to the business. However, non-business related tweets are also instrumental in establishing strong relations with the followers who would be more likely to read other tweets from the marketer.

Good tweet contents that are helpful and relevant to followers prepare the path to convince them to be supportive customers. Regular tweets of high quality and value added content would develop a secure connection with the potential leads instead of losing them to competitors. Value added tweets that are interesting to read would also keep the followers on the right wavelength with the Twitter marketer to be supportive of the brand and business.

Great Offers that Cannot Be Refused

Twitter marketers who want more and more followers to be turned into paying customers must be resourceful in designing and implementing dynamic marketing strategies in powerful marketing campaigns. These campaigns need to be well designed to meet specific needs of followers to turn them into paying customers as every follower is a potential business lead.

Twitter marketers need to offer information or freebies to their followers, which cannot be refused. These could be value-added information or product samples that would impact the lives of followers. A small token of appreciation in the form of a discount or voucher coupon that promotes greater savings would be enticing to convert a follower into a paying customer.

Hence, Twitter marketers need to be creative and innovative in meeting the needs and wants of their followers who are identified as potential business leads. When the followers are enticed to such beneficial offers, they are more likely to become customers who would make regular purchases from the Twitter marketer. They would want to opt in on the marketer’s mailing list to receive more such tempting offers which they cannot refuse. However, different paying Twitter followers would have different needs and demands made on the marketer who must be wise and innovative.

There’s a problem with the Big Follow strategy, though. Why the “Big Follow” Strategy doesn’t work?

If you want people to see your Tweets on Twitter, you gotta have followers. Obviously, that can drive a person to commit himself or herself to building up the biggest follower base possible as quickly as possible.

One of the most popular techniques to get those followers in place is to start following others. There’s a tendency out there in Twitterland for those who’ve been followed to follow in return. That generous reciprocity can make it easy to build a follower list that will really turn heads.

That’s why following as many people as you can without setting off the “you’re probably a spammer or a bot” alarm is such a popular technique for new Twitter marketers.

Yes, you get the followers. The problem is that you get a bunch of followers who aren’t really interested in anything you’re saying. They followed out of kindness, ignorance or because they’re not really a human being an they’re programmed to follow when followed.

When it comes time to market to that motley crew, you can guess just how effective it is. It’s like cold-calling the first set of numbers in the phone book or emailing random addresses. It’s not targeted and It doesn’t convert.

You best bet is to focus on building a truly interested and targeted social network. The results will be a lot better than what you get with the “big follow” technique. Read more in our Twitter book: Twitter Marketing Secrets

Every once in awhile, even the best Twitter users around find themselves losing followers. People just drop away, without explanation. Sometimes, it’s easy to track the reason why. If you lose several followers every time you make a highly-charged political Tweet (not usually a good idea, by the way), it doesn’t require a genius to figure out what’s happening.

Sometimes, though, you’ll lose a follower (or several) for no apparent reason. Just to make you feel a little better when that happens, here a few potential explanations.

Sometimes, Twitter cleans house and they cancel “bad accounts”. You may have several followers who weren’t really interested in being part of the Twittersphere. We’re talking about spam accounts and robot accounts. You can see a follower reduction because of that house-cleaning.

There are other cases when you’ll lose followers simply because the person who had been keeping tabs on you comes to the realization that you’re not supplying him or her with what they need. That may very well be because they chose to follow you without first understanding what you were all about. Don’t take it personally. You can’t be everything to everyone.

Those are two potential reasons why you might see a drop in followers even if you’re handling your account the right way. Shedding a few followers can be a completely normal happening, unrelated to anything you may have Tweeted.