Twitter Marketing ProductsIs your company using Twitter to connect with customers? If not, you should be. There’s no denying that Twitter is becoming more popular as a communication tool for companies – but that doesn’t mean that many companies don’t get it wrong. Having a Twitter account that feels impersonal or doesn’t respond to customers in a timely manner is worse than not having an account at all.

If you’re going to maintain a Twitter presence, then you have to be prepared to think about how – and when — to use it. More and more, customers are expecting compassionate engagement from the companies they follow on social media. With that in mind, here are four great ways to market your business on Twitter.

Put Twitter Customer Service at the Forefront

One of the biggest mistakes that companies large and small make on Twitter is ignoring customer service questions and complaints. It’s important to remember that everybody who follows your company can see that you’re not replying to questions if they take the time to look. Stellar customer service can do a lot to boost brand loyalty and your company’s reputation.

The best customer service on Twitter is personal, meaning that someone monitors your account on an ongoing basis and answers customers directly with @ Tweets. A good example of a big company who uses this strategy is airline Jet Blue. An examination of their Twitter feed shows that almost everything they Tweet is a direct reply to a customer.

While responding to customers is better than not responding, beware of responses that seem cold or impersonal. Some companies try to keep customer service off Twitter by redirecting people who post questions or complaints to call their customer service number. You’re far more likely to engage customers – and keep them in the long run – if you embrace the idea that Twitter is an ideal platform to provide great customer service.

Provide Value to Your Twitter Customers

You might already know that Twitter is not the best place to be bombarding customers with sales pitches. You already know that the people who follow you are interested in what you have to offer, but the most successful companies on Twitter know that sending out a stream of self-promoting Tweets isn’t a good idea. Instead, they find ways to provide valuable content to their customers.

Let’s look at some hypothetical examples. A local pizza parlor might Tweet out fun facts about pizza, or even tips for reheating the perfect slice the next day. A clothing boutique might Tweet pictures of people wearing the clothes they sell. A dentist might link back to articles on her blog about tooth whitening or dental cleanings.

What all of these examples have in common is that their intention is to share information that is relevant and valuable to the customer. Sharing valuable content makes the people who follow you on social media feel a sense of obligation, which in turn triggers a cognitive bias known as reciprocity. In other words, giving your followers something for free can do far more for your marketing than overtly trying to sell them on your services.

Open a Twitter Dialogue with Your Customers

One mistake that a lot of companies make is to forget about the “social” in social media. People follow their favorite brands on sites like Twitter because they want to engage in some kind of communication with them. That doesn’t mean that they want to be your friend, necessarily, but they do welcome the idea of friendly and thoughtful communication.

Let’s talk about some ways to do that. One technique that can be helpful for local businesses is to re-Tweet chosen messages from their followers. You can use a tool like Social Mention to monitor social media activity and find out when your brand is mentioned. When a customer says something positive or memorable about you on Twitter, re-Tweet it. It’s a good way of showing customers that you’re paying attention to them.

Another option is to ask your followers a question. If you do it right, this can actually be a subtle form of customer research. For example, you might ask your followers a question about how they use your product, or why they like it. If you offer an array of products, ask which one is their favorite and why. Alternatively, you could ask an open-ended question. For example, a local restaurant could Tweet “What’s for dinner tonight?” and include a link back to their menu. Yes, the menu is a sales pitch – but it’s a subtle one. If you decide to try this method, make sure to answer the Tweets you get in response.

Host a Twitter Contest or Giveaway

Another clever way of using Twitter to promote your business is to use it to get the word out about a contest or giveaway. Everybody loves the idea of being able to win a contest or get a free product, and Twitter’s an ideal platform to promote such a thing. A contest has the benefit of adding value to customers while also providing you with an easy way to broaden your reach.

One way to get the most out of a Twitter contest is to ask users to re-Tweet the information about the contest in order to enter. Using this method actually wraps several of the other tips in this article, as well. For example, a contest is a good way to add value for customers, and to engage with them directly. Sponsoring a contest is an effective way to find out how many of your followers are truly engaged with your brand, and asking customers to share your Tweet about the contest may help gain you some new followers too.


The bottom line is that Twitter can be an incredibly effective marketing tool if you know how to use it. The keys are to respond directly to customer questions and complaints instead of avoiding them, and to remember that the people who follow you are people, not machines. They don’t want to be hit with a constant barrage of sales pitches. What they want is something that feels like personal engagement and compassion. If you can do that, then Twitter can be a strong part of your marketing mix.

LotCon News Nr.5Social media is one of the best ways to promote your local business. The likes of Twitter has been the backbone of many service and product providers, but only those who have used their account strategically. Simply opening a Twitter account and tweeting isn’t going to get you the results you’re looking for. So let’s see how leveraging Twitter can boost your local business conversion.

Use the Search-A-Lot Feature on Twitter

This feature can be quite advantageous for you if you use it properly. The advanced search on Twitter will allow you to refine your keywords to be location-specific. In the field that says “Near this place”, you can insert your city name, along with the keywords you believe your prospects are searching for. You’ll likely have to try out different keyword variations before you find the perfect ones. Once you have found keywords that dozens are people are tweeting about, you can save it.

Social Media is All About Networking

Of course, you want to focus your time networking with local influencers, rather than with just any ol’ person. You want to get to know other businesses that are being seen and heard by people in your city. One way to find out who these influencers are is to use Tweet Grader’s Top Twitter Cities list. Click on your city and you’ll generate a list of the most active accounts in your town. Don’t worry so much about finding those who are in your target market — it’s all about getting known on Twitter locally.

Knowing Your Competition is Key

You can’t beat your competitors if you don’t know who they are. If you truly want to top your competitors, you have to know their prices, strategies and customers. One way to get these details is to keep track of competition by using Twitter. You’ll see what they’re up to,so you can counter their actions in a timely manner.

Let Your Customers Know You’re on Twitter

A lot of local businesses fail to let their customers know that they’re on Twitter. You can let them know by placing it on your receipts, posting up signs in your business and put it on your Web site and business cards. As word spreads, your customers will follow you, and their friends and family may follow you as well.

Write Content that is Fresh, Not Self-Promoting

A lot of local businesses use Twitter to advertise their articles and blog posts. Even if you are just simply posting tweets, as a general rule of thumb, you should keep to a 70:30 ratio. This means 70 percent of your tweets should be to engage people and the other 30 percent can be promotional. No one wants to be advertised to all of the time, so keep that in mind when developing your social media strategy.

Choose a Memorable Username

The username you choose for your Twitter account should be compelling, not too long and unique. Everything about Twitter is short and sweet, so keep that in mind. With a shorter username, people will be able to share your content without going over the max character limit set by Twitter. Also, you should keep your usernames consistent across all social media networks, so that people can easily find and identify you. Also, in your profile, include a business description and a link to your Web site. The photo you choose should be a professional one, or a business logo.

Tweet with Personality and a Strategy

Jumping into Leveraging Twitter without a sound marketing strategy will have you jumping through hoops to get attention. All you really have to do is engage with other users by jumping into conversations and tweeting things that people would be interested in sharing or commenting on. Your tweets should be authentic and have personality, so that it feels like a person, rather than a brand.

Another formula you can use, other than the 70/30 rule is to do 1/3 tweets, 1/3 replies or retweets and1/3 self-promotion or links. To learn when the best times are to tweet, you can use Followerwonk to see your followers’ most active times.

Follow Others and They’ll Return the Favor

A great way to get more followers for your Twitter account is to follow others. You can use the advanced search feature to find people you know, as well as individuals in certain fields. You don’t only have to follow influencers — after all, your customers are the ones you want to get attention from, so look for people in your area who are tweeting about your type of services and start to follow them and they just might return the favor.

Monitor Your Account with a Twitter Management App

When your account really starts to become active, you may need some help keeping an eye on things and ensuring that your consistency remains intact. With Twitter management apps, this is made easier. For instance, you can use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, which allow you to segment your followers into categories like prospects, customers, VIPs and influencers. Then you can have notifications setup for when people tweet certain keywords. If you don’t have time to jump on Twitter throughout the day or every day, you can schedule your tweets in advance as well.

Learn the Language of Twitter

You want to fit in with your followers, so try and learn the syntax and tone of the folks you are engaging with. Listen to their tweets to get an idea of the type of language they use and if they are big on Internet slang. This will allow you to connect better with them when you post tweets. Understanding what hashtags and how RT (retweet) is used is also important.

Grow Your Local Business with Levering Twitter

When you use Leveraging Twitter the right way, it can help you to grow your local business gradually. Of course, this alone won’t do the trick, but it should be included in your overall marketing strategy. There are other social media accounts you can work into this method, giving you broader reach and higher chances of gaining loyal followers.

LotCon-News-Issue-3As a small business owner, you are probably thinking how can a social platform like Twitter impact my business?  What can I really say in 140 characters? If this sounds like something you would say – you could not be farther from the truth.

Social media has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for small businesses.  With the technology driven world we live in today, consumers expect all businesses (large and small) to be on social media and provide them with updates, specials and information at the press of a button.  Twitter is not just for teens, tycoons and celebrities – it is a marketing tool that can help grow your business – and many smart small business owners are using Twitter as one of their main online marketing tools in their tool belt.

The numbers are convincing. Twitter has been around since 2006 and has grown substantially.  Today, there are more than 284 million monthly active users, according to stats released by Twitter on their website.  With almost 500 million tweets sent per day, you can see why this is a powerful marketing tool for any small business owner.  As staggering as these stats may seem, you are probably asking yourself, how can Twitter help my business?  How to be Successful on Twitter? Here are just a few strategies you can implement to build your brand on Twitter:

  • Connect – With the number of active users on Twitter, it makes it one of the best places to look for and connect with potential customers. Small businesses that cater to a niche market find that they are able to connect with their existing customers and interact with new customers easily, allowing potential customers the opportunity to learn more about their business and their brand. And stay informed of sales, promotions & special events.
  • Brand Awareness – While the big brands do not need an introduction to get followers, small business owners need and want more people to know about their products and services. Twitter allows you to drip brand information on your followers.  Before you know it, you are recognizable, reliable and known for your brand to millions of followers.  Creating that trust with your followers is key in building lasting relationships with them, which will drive sales for your business.
  • Relationships – Positive relationships are the key to growing your business. Your Twitter followers will feel connected to you and your business as you make an effort to post updates and tweets that your customers will find interesting and helpful.  Value driven content is more powerful today than any other type of information presented.  There is a balance needed – keep your direct marketing or sales promotions to a minimum – too many ads can make you come across to your followers as pushy.
  • Informational Marketing – Introducing new products and services or making important announcements via Twitter has some great benefits. Not only is this a more cost effective way to release information on new products and services, but it also can potentially reach millions of people much faster than other marketing methods, such as print advertisement and even radio and television.
  • Immediate Feedback – many small businesses are using Twitter to monitor, survey and handle feedback from their customers. This is a very efficient tool in gathering your customers’ opinions and it allows you to respond quickly.  Responding to both positive and negative feedback, can set your small business apart from that big competitor down the street.  Managing your online reputation in a professional manner, creates a positive atmosphere with your followers.

So Twitter can be a very useful tool for small businesses in a multitude of ways.  Twitter can help you reach your consumers in ways that you never thought were possible.  Here’s a few examples of how a few twitter savvy businesses used Twitter to build their small business:

  • Coffee Groundz is a coffee shop in Houston, and was one of the first businesses to use Twitter for takeout orders. They fill their Twitter stream with promotions, upcoming events, pictures, and the announcement of their special flavor of the day.
  • Crème Brulee Cart was a small side business started by a carpenter. Within a very short period, this business owner learned that customers were finding the cart each day through Twitter.  As customers would stop by the cart, they would then tweet where the cart was and what they purchased.  This business owner quickly started using Twitter to post where the cart was located every day and what the daily flavors were.  Today, there are more than 20,000 followers on this Twitter account and the business owner was able to quit the carpentry business!
  • Roger Smith Hotel located in New York City needed an edge to compete against the big name hotels in Manhattan. Twitter provided this hotel an edge that no one could have seen.  After reaching out through Twitter to some online influencers and inviting them to stay during their next visit to NYC, the Roger Smith Hotel got exactly what it hoped for – happy guests that tweeted about their stay.  Word spread quickly and now they are consistently booked.  The hotel gives their Twitter followers special discounts and even has a special Twitter kiosk in their lobby to give them a special welcome.

Social media can be the driving tool for small businesses to develop awareness of its products and services.  As a small business, you are in the perfect position to use Twitter to your advantage and build your business to heights you never thought possible.  Maintain your values and remember the tips mentioned above.  Before you know it, your followers, and sales will increase.

Social media is not going away.  So don’t be one of those businesses that struggle and make the mistake of ignoring the potential of social media – especially Twitter. It’s one of the most economical ways you can increase your visibility and reach your audience.  Which is why it so popular among small businesses.  Make it a part of your marketing strategy for your small business – reach your audience quicker, and easier than ever before.


Twitter is renowned for its simple usage. Its limitation is its greatest strength. It’s a social networking website that allows users to ‘tweet’ to their hearts content, each tweet being of a collection of nothing more than 140 characters of text. Each user can opt to follow another and similar to a newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter has a feed which consists of the tweets of the many users one has followed. As a social networking website, Twitter has charmed the internet world into connecting once again beyond borders with its simplicity and catchy trending blocks of text and hash tags on the side.

When it comes to social marketing, creative ideas keeps the flow going. With the advent of twitter, comes the aspect of extremely simplistic marketing strategies. A lot of companies have opted to make use of this particular social networking website’s for the purpose of marketing themselves and connecting with their customers. However, while it’s as simple as 140 characters, it’s better if you attempt your social marketing use of the website with a few things in mind.

Setting up

Despite the twitter users love/hate relationship with words (and word limits), the way the world works these days, particularly the way impressions are made, is extremely deep rooted in visual presentation. And while twitter is all about characters of text, it does not fail to deliver when it comes to visuals. As a business this is important as it sets the tone for whenever a customer views your twitter profile. It’s always best to make use of the themes it offers, or to customize it you would prefer that.

A profile picture, a header picture as well as a background image is allowed. In a way, it’s as important as the design you would choose for your own website. There is also the option to include a brief description of the twitter profile, which is integral because most profile visitors, after being awed or dismayed by the visual representation of a profile, will read the little description. It’s important that your twitter profile as well as any other online presence your business has to be consistent in terms of visuals.

The main element to keep in mind when building your profile is to think of what kind of story you and/or your business want the people you’re connecting with to see. Make use of the detail you are allowed to put up such as your location, your website and a catchy introduction to the profile.

Furthermore, twitter allows for users to upload pictures and write descriptions of it. There is no saying how powerful of a marketing technique one can make of this, which will be discussed in the next point.

The Lure of Hash tags

Twitter is all about saying smart things and saying it within 140 characters. It’s important to realize that being able to do so with positive results takes practice and a good command of words, although there is no such thing as an incorrect tweet. Along with the tweets, twitter offers the use of hash tags, which are extremely useful as they allow users to contextualize their tweets by using the hash symbol (#) before a word or phrase.

They also allow users to search for topics of their interest. Hash tags can result in trends or discussions about a particular topic; and can be used extremely well for long term marketing. For example, in the case of an ongoing competition, a trendy phrase can be turned into a hash tag for the marketer to keep track of its audience as well as for the customers to feel like they are a part of something.
When it comes to hash tags and images, you are allowed to play with the best of both worlds: visual elements along with text. For any business, it’s important to show what their services are. It’s important to be able to tell a customer that this is what the service or product is capable of. When it comes to the use of images, twitter and advertising, together with its hash-tagging service, there is no need to describe the potential reach it yields.

Tweet for Customer Service:

Gone are the days when complaints and questions would be put through waiting phone lines or emails. A lot of companies choose to let twitter be the platform for such interaction from and with customers. By doing so, it endorses the fact that your company doors are always open through the power of tweeting. Many companies have established their twitter profile as the place to be when it comes to complaints about a service or any questions. This is an invaluable asset that tweeting can offer, and any business not to take advantage of it while it’s in its prime will lose out.

So there you have it. Overall twitter offers social marketers the benefits of real-time marketing through an online platform. There are several ways to creatively interact with your customers, make new customers and maintain your loyal customers through the use of twitter.

Millions of local businesses owner have taken to social networking in order market, advertise, and attract new customers. Twitter is an ideal platform for busy business owners and managers as it specializes in short “tweets” that allows you to get your point across in 140 characters or less.

In addition to its convenience of quick and short messages, Twitter offers unique ways in which you can grow your local business that other social networking sites don’t offer.

Here are some of them:

1. Customer Interaction: Customer interaction is by far the most important action you can take to build an audience, attract new followers, and get more attention on your local business.

Twitter allows you to send out “tweets” in real-time that can reach all your followers all at once. In addition, customers and/or potential customers can easily tweet back or send you direct messages.

Again, customer interaction is the single most important thing you can do online to grow your company and attract new customers. Not only does it help you to gain loyal customers, but it also shows that you’re available when people have questions, comments, or concerns.

Unlike traditional ways of submitting questions and complaints via email or phone, customers can receive a response in real-time, right away, which helps them to gain confidence in your company.

Furthermore, feel free to engage in your customers’ tweets even if it’s not about your business. This will help you establish that “personal connection” with them.

2. Marketing Tools: Twitter’s web marketing tools allow you to create customized Twitter buttons for your website. With Twitter Ads, you can promote both your account and chose tweets to send to a target audience of your choice.

With Twitter’s self-service ad platform, local business owners are offered affordable ad services while getting full-service advertisement usage.

In fact, you can set your own budget, and you’ll only be charged when someone follows your promoted tweets. Organic tweets are not included and are never charged, and there is no monthly fee. For more information, simply click on your Settings tab on your Twitter homepage.

3. Company News Updates: Twitter offers a quick and affordable (free) way for you to alert your followers to any company news updates, such as promotions, new business hours, new services products, or anything relevant news updates you’d like to share.

With a quick tweet, your followers can provided any company news and/or updates you want to share. Updates and company news give followers a reason to actively engage with you, which may lead to more business.

4. Going Viral: One of the more prominent advantages of Twitter is the ability of certain tweets to go “viral,” meaning that one or many of your tweets has the potential to reach millions across the globe, and more importantly, reach consumers right in your local area.

5. Contests and Coupons: Many companies have had success in gaining new followers, therefore gaining new customers, by holding “Twitter Contests.” Contests can range from offering a free service to the 50th newest follower or holding a drawing for a free product to a random follower. In addition, Twitter is an easy way to allow all followers to know, in real-time, about company specials and coupons.

6. Following Relevant Companies and People: By following similar companies such as your own, not only can you gain secrets into their marketing tips, but you can also expose yourself to others who may potentially turn into new customers.

Take time to reply the other businesses and share any information that can help your company. Also, consider following active followers of relevant companies who may interested in your services as well.

7. Bring More Traffic to Your Website: In addition to placing Twitter buttons on your website’s homepage, you can also drive more traffic to your site by utilizing Twitter’s bio section to include your business website address and other details.

It is recommended that some of your tweets actually send followers to your company website for additional information.

To stay on top of branding, it is ideal to create a Twitter username that is the exact same as your company name – if that’s not possible, be sure it’s very close.

Additionally, a customized background will help your Twitter page look more professional, as well as help with branding.

8. Twitter Lists: Twitter lists are user-created lists that allow you to engage and keep track of certain people and businesses. This not only allows you to organize your network, but it also allows you to organize your current customers, future customers, and business partners.

In addition, Twitter Lists provides you a way to monitor competitors in your industry unbeknownst to anyone, via a private list. Moreover, if you’re having a company event or sale, tweeting, while effective, may not reach all of customers if they aren’t checking Twitter when you make the announcements.

While you can definitely tweet the event as many times as you like, a Twitter list allows people to connect and interact before the event, as well as get reminders.

9. Your Biography: As aforementioned, Twitter allows users to create a biography in order to give more details about yourself and your company. Be sure to optimize your biography in a way that reflects what your company does and what you offer.

Several Twitter users become new customers by simply reading Twitter biographies. Keep in mind, however, that Twitter operates on short, concise information, so you only have a limited about of characters to create your biography.

Make it count by choosing the most pertinent information you want people to see.

10. Tweet Helpful Local Content: In addition to tweeting relevant company information, consider tweeting helpful local content, such as upcoming weather and other things that locals may be interested in


Most Internet users, including Twitter users, search for geographic-specific information on a regular basis. By tweeting hyper-local information, you’re opening up to an even wider local market.

Using the information listed in this report, your local business has a successful chance in reaching a high volume of people that otherwise would have never known about your company.

As a result, your business can ultimately generate new leads and customers via Twitter, but keep in mind that customer interaction is the key. The more often you interact with people, the better chance you have that they will check out your tweets, your company website, and your services.

Twitter is an extremely powerful tool for companies, and with dedication, time, and effort, your local business will blossom.

With the rise of social media and the blooming of twitter in recent year, it is probably just a matter of time before twitter finds a way to let their users promote their products on twitter. This feature is known as the promoted product feature. Now before we begin explaining more about Twitter’s Advertising platform, we need to look deeper to why you would want to promote your business on twitter using paid ads.

First of all, Twitter traffic is the real deal. What this means to business owners are that you can get new clients and prospects via twitter. The constant following and getting followers with constant twitting will be giving your business a jump start. Essentially, to use twitter to row your business is free. All you have to do is to increase your followers constantly and Tweet great and relevant messages all the time. While this works for most people (and it’s free), it does take a lot of time and effort to get your account rolling in full steam.

Hence, you can then start to consider a quick boost to your twitter traffic or followers using the promoted tweets feature on Twitter. Now, advertising on twitter is a little tad bit different from other PPC platforms out there such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. Whatever your business is, you understand the value of connecting with your customers online where the more people that you can reach the better. Therefore, you can actually use Twitter ads to grow your followers or channel traffic to a sales page or an offer page using the Twitter ad. The main difference however is the way you write your ads.

The peculiar thing with advertising on Twitter is that you never will have to write your ads. Instead Twitter will be constantly monitoring your ‘best’ post and matches them directly to people with similar interests and your ad will be shown automatically to these people. What this means is that a lot of the work is automated. No more fancy ad writing or the hassle of tracking. All you have to do is to sign up as an advertiser and the twitter ad platform will go to work. You won’t have to worry about the traffic either because twitter will ensure that you will get the most targeted traffic and they will ensure that you will only be showing your best tweets around.

Now as far as payment goes, you will only pay for results when you advertise on the Twitter advertising platform. You are not going to have to pay for impression as such and the good thing is, you’ll only have to pay for followers or links that get clicked on. What this means is that you will not have to worry about over paying for any post or tweets that are not getting you any result. This is pretty much a very fair deal and a lot of advertisers absolutely love it.

Other highlights and benefits would include the fact that it is very easy to get yourself started and the skillsets that you need are probably going to be tweeting. Therefore, if you can tweet, you should be good to go. One of the biggest benefits of using twitter’s promoted tweets advertising is that you can reach out to people who you are not connected with and may never have to chance to connect to ever. However, the smart matching system inside Twitter’s Advertising will scan and show your ads to these people who will absolutely love your product and tweets. In return for the advertising fee, you’ll get a lot of responsive and targeted tweeter followers that will love you.

Now does this mean that Twitter will have total control over your ads? The answer is no. You will still have the flexibility to choose your target market geometrically. You can choose to target the entire world, selected countries or laser focus them towards local areas near you. With the amount of traffic that comes and goes inside twitter every day, you can already imagine just how much new prospects will notice you in the fastest time. The best of it all is that all these advertising work does not take up a lot of your time as opposed to traditional free twitter strategies. You can free up a lot of your time and efforts and if you are hiring outsourcers to help you build your followers, this promoted tweets feature could just be the replacement you need that gets the job done at only a fraction of the cost.

Now, there are other 3rd party twitter advertising platforms. They work in many similar fashions and each of them is also unique in their own sense. Perhaps the 3 more popular ones these days are RevTwt, Betweeted, and TwitAd. There are tons of other similar advertising platforms and should you be interested in giving them a try you should always remember to set a tight budget for a test drive before channeling all your money into these ad platforms. When used right, twitter advertising can be your number one source of traffic and you will soon find that the responsiveness of twitter users and followers are usually much higher than the traffic that comes from other sources. This is probably die to the fact that people on twitter are trained to be responsive which is why there are so much tweets every single day.

Tweet Tweet… The birds are chirping and everyone is listening. Do you own a small business of your own? If you do, have you been using Twitter to help build your business? No? Well… you should and here’s why.

Hundreds of years ago when there are no twitters and the internet, and you wish to learn from the best minds in this world, and you want to learn their thought processes, it would potentially take a life time to travel the world just to meet up with them and start a conversation with them. However, with twitter, things have changed and as a small-business owner, you need to take advantage of this super cool social network that has supercharge the way we communicate with each other online.

The world is now small.
With the help of the internet, your messages can now potentially reach the entire world and by using twitter things just got way easier. You can live in America and your one quick post on the internet can reach your customers across the globe within seconds. People who are following your tweets can learn what you are doing right now and how your product is helping other people around the world with just a few clicks of a button.

And the best thing is that using Twitter is free. If you would compare it to broadcasting a message online using an autoresponder (not free), then twitter is so much more convenient and easier to send out your quick messages.

You can even use Twitter on your phones right now and this means that on this mobile era, you will be able to reach people on the go. This literally means that the barrier of communications for you and your potential clients have become so small that there is no excuse for you not to build a great relationship without clients.

See the world in a new light.
The world is trying to tell you something and you as a product owner or service provider should be on the alert to listen to what he world wants. But how can you find out what the world thinks about the niche that you are in, and what people think about your product or even your competitor’s product?

Well… years ago, marketing companies have to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours just to do a simple research that you can do right now at the comfort of your own house for free by using Twitter. Yes. Twitter lets you listen to what is happening to the world, and you will learn how to react accordingly so that your business will be hampered and will continue to grow at a tremendous rate.

The statistics.
Did you know that there are approximately 100 million twitters worldwide? Knowing this, are you still be able to tell yourself that your customers are not inside this huge amount of traffic?
That’s right!

Twitter is a Traffic source that you can no longer ignore. You will need to try your best to reach these people and the main reason is that they are there readily available for you at no cost. Saving cost for a small business is essential and thus in order to get more clients for the least cost possible, Twitter can be your best friend.

Another wonderful statistics that is shown from studies that has been conducted is that over 25% of the people on twitter would consider making contact with a business and that surely means a lot to any small business owner Not only can you reach out to your clients, you make yourself available to potentially new clients when you make yourself available via twitter.

To make things even juicier, it is said that a quarter of the people on twitter is actively following their favorite brands. Twitter is magnificent when it comes to building brand awareness and getting people to follow your brand would be easy and this also makes communications and relationship building with your existing clients or ‘to be’ clients rather easy and cost effective.

Links back to your website.
For a small business owner, traffic is your life blood, and Twitter allows you to funnel traffic by placing links back to your site or the URL of your choice on your tweets. This is priceless and many Twitter experts are using this to drive hundreds and thousands of visitors per day. Needless to say, these Twitter experts are making a great living online as well.

Keeps everyone updates.
Twitter is a place to announce just about anything. And you being able to convey quick thank you messages or promotional messages on Twitter make it a great platform to post updates every now and then. Besides that you can use Twitter to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends and ideas that you might be able to use for your business promotions.

Answer questions the Twitter way.
Using Twitter, you can answer any questions that might arise for your business and company and the best part is, your answer can be easily seen by all your followers and if people choose to retweets you answers, your tweets can go viral and get you and your business even more exposure.

Learn to use Twitter for your business and you will suddenly see your business turn alive. It’s a rather special kind of feeling when you start to see more activity going on with your business and it will certainly give you more motivation to carry on producing the best product, the best service and the best support for your clients. Who knows, you might just make some powerful new friends along the way!

Using Twitter for YOUR Local Business

More and more local businesses are moving to online marketing from the traditional print, tv and radio advertising campaigns. Internet marketing methods are in general faster, cheaper, and far more flexible, giving your local businesses a chance to compete against much larger businesses or corporate chains. Twitter is just one of the many online advertising platforms available, but its 500 million active users make it an invaluable tool.

Twitter is officially described as a ‘microblogging’ site, as all posts made by users are limited to 140 characters each. Individuals as wll as companies and can create a profile and use it as a platform to ‘tweet’ information about themselves to their followers.

Twitter is particularly popular among celebrities and organizations because it allows them to reach out to a worldwide audience. As a result, Twitter is used just as much for business connections as it is for social interactions. 50 million of the site’s daily users follow brands, TV reportors (like CNN is using to the extreme) and now 66% of all tweets are of a commercial or business nature.

How To Implement A Twitter Strategy

When you use Twitter to broadcasting information about your business, it is important to have a well-planned strategy in place. A successful Twitter marketing strategy needs to work for Twitter users but also for search engines. Have alook to following key points to consider for yoru Twitter strategy:


Creating A Profile

Clearly, the first step in your Twitter campaign is to create a business profile that is interesting and informative. Your business’s Twitter name needs to be short and accurately describe your company. Your 160 character profile description should be rich in keyword phrases associated with your business products so that your profile can appear in proper related search results.


Follow other people

Start with following people within your own industry and connect with them. Let them know your site or blog and that can help you to build up relevant contacts. Communicating with them directly by commenting on their tweets makes you visible to their followers as well.


Building Up Twitter Followers

Advertising YOUR business on Twitter works best when you have a large audience of followers to communicate with. Building up followers is an on-going process, but there are certain methods you can use to speed it up. To increase your Twitter numbers you should inform everyone you know. Ask your employees, friends, and contacts to follow you on Twitter. This might seem like only a small step up, but it is a great way to give your follower numbers a kick start. Then you might want to advertise. Your existing customers are unlikely to search for your company out on Twitter unless you tell them to. Advertise the fact that your business have joined Twitter. Twitter icons on all of your existing online platforms, such as your website, blog, and Facebook business page(s). You should also provide your Twitter URL on your offline marketing material such as your business cards and brochures.


Tweet Content

The best way to create interest on Twitter to benefit for your business is through tweeting valuable information. Tweets can give your Twitter followers an insight into new products, great offers, or exclusive vouchers. If you need to get across a lot of information in you tweets, you can use the Twitdoc tool to add videos, images, or documents. Including SEO keywords and hashtags in your comments helps users to find them more easily.


Maintaining Twitter Followers

To maintain your follower numbers and to create a positive image of your company, it is crucial that your tweets are interesting (and worth reading) rather than exclusively promotional. You could occasionally tweet amusing comments or fun information just to peak users’ curiosity and get your business’s name out there. Re-tweeting is a particularly useful way to spread entertaining tweets across Twitter. When a person re-tweets your message it is broadcast to all of their own followers. Re-tweeting is the Twitter equivalent of going viral.


Maintain Good Twitter Practices

To make sure that you keep your followers, it is important to put good long-term practices in place. Producing too many overly promotional messages will quickly turn potential customers off. On the other hand, responding to comments on your profile as soon as possible shows that you value your followers’ opinions.


Results From Twitter Marketing

An engaging and well-designed Twitter marketing strategy can benefit your business in a number of ways:

1. Increased Sales

By displaying a link to your website clearly in your profile description and on some of your tweets, you can direct interested followers to your business website or business blog. Youi can link in your twee to a specific page or post. Of course it should be related and contain information someone might like to share. You could also include your address, phone number and other contact details in your profile so that followers can reach you through a variety of channels.

2. Better Online Visibility

Twitter has a high authority with Google so it is very likely that your Twitter profile will show up in searches related to your company. By filling your profile with valuable search engine optimized content you can ensure it ranks well in search results. Keep in mind, although unregistered users cannot make comments, they will be able to read tweets and other information on your Twitter profile.

3. Wider Customer Base

With 340 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries every day, Twitter reaches out to a vast audience worldwide. Through the site it is possible to expand your customer base more globally or extens your region. By using region-specific keywords and selective marketing, you can target users specifically in your local area and around.


How To Get Started With Twitter

Twitter is a useful marketing tool for small businesses. The site enables you to inexpensively increase your online visibility, widen your customer base and most importantly – increase your sales. However, for business owners with little experience navigating the social network, building up followers quickly, maintaining their numbers and tweeting content that is interesting as well as promotional can be difficult. For newcomers, one of the best ideas might be to hire an online marketing specialist to guide you through the process and take on some of the more complicated routine aspects. A qualified expert can help you to increase your follower numbers and convert those numbers into sales. For many business owners, putting your Twitter profile in the hands of a marketing specialist can save you both time and money.

Twitter is currently second to Facebook in a long list of popular social media sites. Twitter is recognized as a great way for people to connect with businesses. Most large businesses are using Twitter (like CNN). Since there are millions of people on Twitter, it provides a great way to increase customers for any determined local business.

Here are a few ways you can use to gather more followers around your city and consequently increase your local sales.

Twitter Search
Twitter offers a great feature that allows users to search for people in the same location. There is an advanced feature called “near this place” that enhances the local search and will help you find any tweets close to your business location. This can be used to find targeted customer groups around your place of business.

Nearby Tweets
This is a website ( ) that will show users where other users are located, of course depending on the information they submitted during signing up. This is another effective tool that business owners can use to find local tweets that can be of importance to their local business.

iPhone Applications
iPhone has made it easy for users to find other Twitter users in a local setting using different apps. There are a number of applications which will allow a business owner to view tweets from a location of their choice and convince them to follow them.

Finding Twitter users around you takes some time, but with the right information and tools, the process will be fast and easy and might very beneficial to your business

From the beginning, most folks mistook Twitter for a site that was setup to be a rival to some of the already established and existing social networking platforms. Although many welcomed the idea of a social networking service that would stand as a rival to Facebook and MySpace, their expectations did tumble because Twitter later turned out as an entirely new and fresh idea.

Twitter is a website that is operated and run by Twitter Inc. The site offers a platform that provides its users with social networking and micro blogging services. Twitter was launched in the year 2006 and it was established with the sole aim of providing its user with a platform where they can have that social experience that they so desire.

With Twitter, registered members can communicate and connect with other registered members by sending out short messages that are known as tweets. Tweets are short messages of about 140 characters that are displayed on a users profile page. The visibility of these messages is made public by default. However, a user can alter his or her setting to make the message visible only to those who his is connected with (his followers).

Twitter connects people by allowing them to have followers and people who they follow. A user can connect with other users by following them or by getting them to follow him. A follower and his followers can relate with each other by communicating through tweets and private messages. Although Twitter was deployed on a web interface, the services that it provides can be accessed through computers and mobile devices like PDAs and mobile phones.

Twitter uses a web interface that is clean fresh and stunning and the site has reinvented its logo, designs and interface several times to meet with the demand of its users. Like most other social networking platforms, Twitter has a developers section that is dedicated to developers who might want to develop apps that will run on the Twitter platform.

Although Twitter has been able to provide its users with a social networking platform where they can connect, socialize, and get that social experience that they desire, the site has failed in protecting the privacy of its users. For instance, Twitter does share the private information of its users with third parties. In terms of security, most users of Twitter are at risk of having their personal information compromised and their identity stolen since their telephone details in visible to their followers who could be social engineers and hackers.

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