Free Report:  “An Advanced Twitter Marketing Case Study…” now available.
Advanced Twitter Marketing Study
To maximize the effects of your targeted traffic generation activities on Twitter, you need to understand the logistics behind the site. A lot is revealed in this free report. Advanced Twitter marketing can become the best way to get people to your sites instantly – and by using it to get them to your squeeze pages you’ll be building a list you can bring back time after time.

A very welcome free report from Doug Champigny and you should het your copy HERE

This report outlines a handful of the things you can do to make Twitter a significant, positive force.Instead of focusing on cheap tricks, short cuts and ways to exploit or “game” this rapidly growing structure, we’re going to discuss how you can really “dig in” to create something of lasting value with Twitter.

We believe that the best way to avoid overhauling your social network and of keeping you moving forward with Twitter is to start with a set of objectives in mind.

Decide what you want to get out of Twitter.

• Are you looking for entertainment?
• Do you want a social outlet?
• Are you hoping to make valuable business connections?
• Do you want to use Twitter for marketing?
• Are you interested in learning from experts?
• Do you want to share your expertise with others in your field?
• Are you more interested in talking to peers or potential clients?

The goal you set for your Twitter involvement will serve as a filter for what you Tweet and what you don’t.

You see, they call it “social networking” on purpose. The word “social” is there for a reason. There is an informal and purely social component to Twitter and it’s impossible to resist. The trick is to balance the purely social aspect with the important professional objective. You can play with limits, but you wand to do so intentionally, aware that you’re deviating from your goal. By doing this, you will be better able to serve your chief goal without locking yourself into a dull and limited existence on Twitter.

Twitter should work for you. You shouldn’t work for Twitter.

This FREE report will help you to determine what kind of changes you might want to make and whether or not your current set of goals is really something with which Twitter will be able to help you!

Fred Lotgering
LotCon Biz Solutions