Blogging is an exciting online activity which many consumers take advantage of today with the free blog space and blogging resources. However, blogs are also dynamic tools which marketers are using to promote their business brand and business offerings.

Aspiring authors or writers would need to manipulate blogging to capture the market. Blogs are an excellent marketing option to promote ambitions as a writer, author or business entrepreneur. Great content must be promoted to create the right market awareness for a higher readership.

Driving Traffic through Tweets

A successful blogging career requires volumes of traffic to the blog site with a large readership. Many innovative bloggers take advantage of social media networks like Twitter to promote their blogs to reach a wider audience and secure fame.

Tweeting about the blog is a powerful marketing approach to connect with potential leads and customers. Twitter provides more than 500 million users to source potential business leads that could boost the fame of bloggers quickly.

A successful Twitter marketing strategy in promoting the blogs must be actively implemented through a well designed marketing plan and campaign. Proactive bloggers are creative in their marketing strategies via Twitter in tweeting about their blog posts.

Short provocative tweets are very dynamic in generating the right dose of curiosity and interest about the blog in promotion. The apt use of maximum 140 characters could bring on a higher interaction rate from web readers who might be compelled to find out more about the blog.

A link could also be included in the tweet that would direct readers to the targeted website for more information about the topic, brand or products and services promoted. Creatively designed and well positioned links in the tweet help readers go directly to the website for extra detailed information quickly.

A high degree of creativity and innovation in blog tweets must be incorporated to generate a higher interest and curiosity about the blog and blogger. This may refer to diverting from the post title in the tweet with creative topics or headlines. A tweet could also include a call-to-action feature which stirs up curiosity and interest in the blog post or link. A tweet could also be professionally provocative but still links to a blog article while stirring mixed emotions from Twitter fans and followers.

Variations of tweets with fewer words are very powerful and effective in drawing different crowds to the blog. Bloggers need to check out what types of tweets work best for them. Bloggers could also offer their fans and followers an intriguing quote that hints a specific flavor of the post content. Quotes have been proven to be effective marketing tools in tweets to draw more web traffic. Tweets with quotes are more likely to be re-tweeted and thus, reach more audience. Fans and followers who like the quote are inclined to click on the URL to visit the blog site.

Tweets with market statistics are powerful in promoting the blog. Statistics in the form of numbers and characters stand out in the flood of tweets to capture the attention of targeted followers and niche audience. Statistics form an exciting marketing tool that conveys an amazing fact about the blog. A shortened link to the blog site would prompt followers to visit the blog site for an immediate read.

#Hashtags and @mentions

Hashtags are powerful in spreading tweets on various categories or topics. The chosen word or phrase after the hashtag sign indicates the topic of discussion or focus. These are great marketing tools to connect with Twitter users, fans and followers who might be potential business leads and prospects

Twitter hashtags are dynamic in driving traffic to the blog, especially themed hashtags, which could promote a particular blog or a specific landing page. This is a dynamic marketing tool because customized hashtags are possible without limiting the creativity of the blogger in promoting their blog

Standard customized hashtags could be applied to the entire blog in any website while different hashtags could be generated for special events such as online contests. Such hashtags allow others to tweet or dialogue about the post. Tweets on the same hashtags would bring up similar results in the search which forms the desired traffic to the web or blog site.

General hashtags are commonly deployed to identify common topics in a blog. Hence, the tweet would be seen by others searching for that same topic hashed.

@mentions refers to the inclusion of Twitter users’ @usernames. This feature allows the marketer to tweet directly to any preferred fan, follower, potential lead or customer on Twitter. A great way to drive more traffic to the blog using @mentions is to mention prominent industry bloggers or companies that are recognized by the community or customers. Mentioning these in a tweet with a link to the blog post helps to attract more traffic with a possible re-tweet to other followers.

Mentioning those who gave good feedback or comments on blog posts is an excellent market image builder. This act is also construed as an acknowledgment to loyal blog supporters who have been reading the blogs and tweeting about them to others which spread the fame of the blogger. Guest bloggers or new bloggers could be mentioned in @mentions in a tweet linking to their own post.

Good Tweeting Practices

Good tweeting practices bring more business opportunities to the blogger for more traffic and higher readership. Just as the wise saying goes, “one good turn deserves another”, mentioning the user who mentioned the blog content or a re-tweet would establish strong relations between the parties for greater exploits; be it personal or business.

Courtesy well exercised using tweets in any manner would be returned if executed with politeness and moderation. This would mean helping out another to allow others to see the better side of the tweeter to draw nearer for better opportunities.

Well written tweets that are precise in words and meaning would be easily understood by viewers to take the necessary actions that benefit the business. Interesting tweets that are captivating would drive traffic. This may include appealing or attractive images in tweet messages.


Tips for Using Twitter the Right Way

Using Twitter the Right Way for YOUR BusinessMost local business owners don’t know how to use Twitter effectively and end up neglecting their Twitter profile all together. In fact, many of them end up coming to the conclusion that social media marketing just isn’t for them.

But what they don’t realize is that there is a right way – and a wrong way – to market their companies on Twitter.

If you’re considering using this great platform for your online marketing, or already have an Twitter profile but need help making it work for you, here are some tips to get you on the right track:

1. Use Twitter for socializing – most of the time. Sure, you want to get your business out there and promote your products and services, but your followers don’t want to be constantly “sold to.” Instead, focus on ways to use Twitter to socialize with and update your followers about your business and industry. Occasionally, you can create promotional tweets for your products or services, but make sure that you prioritize socializing over promoting.

2. Build relationships with followers in order to grow your business. You can’t grow your business without having a wide customer base; so use Twitter to build trusting relationships with your followers, whether they’re prospects or customers. Focus on providing valuable content and be sure to answer any customer-related questions you may receive. All of this will show your audience that you are a trustworthy business owner.

3. Help others. If you’re following any other business owner who’s in the same market/niche as you are, retweet any tweets that you think will help your followers. Some people are uncomfortable with this method, but the opportunity here is that you can show your followers that your goal is to put their needs first and won’t let competition get in the way of that. Also, even if your followers go to that business for their products and services, you can likewise gain more followers from the other companies.

4. Avoid repeating the same message over and over again. There’s nothing that kills a Twitter page more than repetitiveness and spamming. There’s no need to post the same tweet several times in a day. For instance, if you have a promotional offer for your Twitter followers that has an expiration date of one week, retweet it every other day and only once a day. For the best results, focus on choosing the right times to retweet your offers so that most of your followers can see it.

5. Give your followers a call-to-action. Encourage customers to take action with your tweets with call-to-action messages, such as “Retweet to get your FREE meal today between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.!” This type of post will generate even more followers, as well as sales.

When Twitter users see that you’re sincere and not just after their money, they’re more likely to trust you, share your posts, and interact with you. Don’t use Twitter for your promotional needs alone – using Twitter the right way for your business, use it to build relationships and add credibility to yourself and your business.

Effective Twitter MarketingEven though Twitter is one of the most popular and commonly used social media platforms, it has its own jargon and exclusive space on the Internet. You can’t compare any other social media website out there to it.

So, for someone who is just starting out on Twitter, it can be confusing to see all these Twitter terms being tossed around.

Here’s a list of some of the most common terms used there, along with a brief description to help you understand them better:

1. Tweet
A tweet is the name of a “post” made on Twitter. You can create tweets in the status bar that’s on your Twitter homepage and you can also include links in them. However, 140 characters is the limit for a tweet, so they must be brief.

2. @ = Reply
If someone has tweeted a public message to you, you can reply back by hitting the “reply” button or use the @ symbol and type someone’s username to reply to them.

3. RT = Retweet
One of the best ways to add content to your Twitter profile is to retweet other people’s posts. Before posting your retweet, add the RT abbreviation so that your followers know that what you posted is a retweet.

4. # = Hashtags
Hashtags are a must-have on your tweets as they are a big part of communicating on Twitter. Hashtags are important because these are keywords that are used to find similar posts on Twitter’s search engine. For instance, if you have a post about smartphones, you would use a hashtag for it like this: #smartphone. Twitter users who search for “#smartphone” may see your tweet.

5. M = Direct Message
This keyboard shortcut is a way for you to send a private message to one of your followers or another Twitter user. Just hit the “m” key on your keyboard, and a message box will pop up. Add the username you’d like to message to with an @ in front of it to send your message.

6. Twitpic
Twitpic is a popular third party media sharing website that allows Twitter users to post and share images and photos to their followers. Many Twitter members use this application for all their media usage, and you’ll also find hashtags for #twitpic.

7. Bitly
Since tweets can only contain 140 characters, Bitly is a great way to shorten your links; it is used by most Twitter users.

Every website has its own language, so make sure that you stay up-to-date about any new Twitter lingo. Over time, Twitter can have trending terms, and you’ll want to know them so that you can fit in with the rest of the Twittersphere – but only if it relates to your business.

For now, the seven Effective Twitter Marketing terms mentioned in this article should be enough to help you get started when it comes to posting on Twitter.

Using Twitter to Test Headlines
(And Subject Lines, Too)

 Using Twitter to Test HeadlinesAt the risk of stating the obvious, the better your headlines grab eyeballs, the more money you can make. In fact, even a small improvement can add significant money if your sales funnel is set up with a high priced product or two. For example, getting 5% more people to opt into your list or open an email or buy a $7 product could result in another one half to one percent buying your expensive product. And over the course of a year that could easily add thousands to your bottom line.

One way marketers used to test headlines was through Adwords, back in the day when they were super cheap. A marketer would try out 2 or more headlines and see which one pulled the best. Seasoned marketers still do this, but if you’re on a small budget there is a less expensive way.

These days Twitter is the easiest and cheapest method for testing headlines, so long as you have a following. Simply choose what you think are your two best headlines and tweet them both and track the results.

First, the tweeting: To be fair you’d want to tweet both simultaneously, but that’s probably not the best way. Instead, tweet them both in the morning and again in the afternoon, about 20 to 30 minutes apart. So for example in the morning you might tweet headline A at 9:00 and headline B at 9:30. Then do the same in the afternoon but reverse the order.

Track your results either by using or a program like Hootesuite. When you’ve got your winner, test it against another headline, and so forth.

Now then… why use this method instead of split testing? Frankly, I prefer split testing when it comes to something like a squeeze page or a sales letter, but there are times when this Twitter method comes in especially handy. Are you sending out an important email or series of emails for a big promotion? Are you getting ready to launch a product and want to have a good idea in advance which headline will work best? Then using Twitter to test your subject lines and headlines may be the way to go.

To tweet or not to tweet…

To tweet or not to tweet…
5 Tweeting tips for all TWITTER MARKETING

To create an effective marketing strategy on twitter, one doesn’t need to spend much time at all. In fact, just about an hour a day is good enough (provided you take at least 10-15 minute breaks). Here are some fascinatingly helpful tips that can help you become more productive and efficient in that one hour that you spend on Twitter.

Pondering your Tweet: When a person tweets, the message is estimated to last a minimum time duration of 10 seconds in the minds of the followers reading your tweet. All messages automatically enter a general timeline and stay there till they are consequentially replaced by another tweet. Reasons for a follower to remember your tweet would depend on the nature of your tweet. Unless you tweet something extremely offensive or extremely hilarious, people will not remember what you said even five minutes after you tweet it, forget about what you tweeted yesterday or a week before.

Tweets do not have to be weighty. They are not designed to be so anyway. It is because of this simple reason that we can use abbreviations in out tweets. However, one must make sure that the abbreviations used are corresponding with the same abbreviations used by your business. If used incorrectly, the image set by a business could be at risk. You should also keep in mind that one does not have all their tweets create a 50 percent click through rate.

Even drops of water can create a crack in the stone – If you plan on using the leads from Twitter to increase sales and create a practicable marketing strategy, you must learn to be patient because it could take weeks or even months for that goal to be reached. Learn to take your time and let your followers get to know the real you in order to gain their trust. Only when that is achieved will they be willing to buy what you are selling.

You don’t need to read every single tweet from your followers: You need to realize the simple fact that it is not possible to follow everyone. An effective marketer would be followed and would be getting thousands of followers. To keep up with every one could drain you. Plus, there is no guarantee that everyone you follow would tweet content that interests you all the time. There is no shame in accepting the fact that you don’t have time to read tweets from some people. Pick a few, stick to them.

The following list provides some solutions to identify the people whose tweets you would potentially want to read:

1. Only follow the worthy: On Twitter, you will come across hundreds of associate marketers and spammers that will be following you, so it is best to just simply ignore them. It helps to locate people in your industry, people in your city, and most importantly your customers. Learn to keep your list of followers to just the people who write worthwhile tweets, this could prove to an asset.

2. Save those key searches. It is always helpful to save searches based on the keywords or phrases. Looking for topics that contain hashtags, keywords in your business or current events can help. Now, instead of having to scan every tweet for that elusive message about completely unrelated topics, you only have to see the tweets related to the topic that interests you the most.

Value addition to your Tweets: There is a misconception that dictates tweets have to be of a certain contextual type. Always Tweet about whatever you want to speak out or share, provided that you add value to that tweet in the process. For instance, you can add value to your tweets by telling people something related to breaking news, stories, interesting articles, bog posts or new resources.

Clever way of using your marketing tweets: It is important that you send out marketing tweets. The question is, how many should you send out. What is the acceptable ratio of mixed marketing messages? According to experts, the recommended stream of tweets should have one out of every nine as a marketing tweet. In this scenario, for every one marketing messages that you plan on sending out, you should send out nine messages that don’t have anything remotely close to the product or service that you or your business is marketing about in the first place.

This becomes a great opportunity for you to make those nine tweets conversational by simply adding value to them. These can be anything your heart desires. Talk about sports if you will or even cooking shows. Remember, you have 140 characters to use so use it wisely and go all out to spend those characters in the best manner possible.

Create a schedule for your Tweets: it is absolutely imperative that you know exactly how many times and at what times of the day or night, your business prospers from you visit on Twitter. This can be done realistically when you calibrate the number of times you check your e-mail people, the number of times you talk or play with your smart phone, and the number of days in a week that you work.

Twitter is the go to place to share quick thoughts and opinions and even quick links to great contents. The problem is however, that Twitter is growing at such a fast pace is that how can you as a marketer keep up with all the tweets that are going on? How can you be the one to be able to stand out from the crowd and get all the traffic and retweets that you rightfully deserve? Here are some hard facts that you should know about Twitter.

There are currently more than 500 million registered Twitter users with over 150,000 people signing up per day. Each month you get roughly 180 million site visitors on twitter and the average amount of tweets per day for now is around 55 million. What an astounding number right? Wait there’s more. There are around 1.6 billion of searches done using the twitter search engine each day and that only shows you how twitter has grown over the years. Now these shocking facts can mean one thing to you if you are currently advertising on twitter and that is competition. More than ever before you need to be able to attract attention to your tweets and means you will now have to write a strong headline for all your tweets.

When you are able to get the attention that you need on your twitter, you will enjoy a lot of retweets and traffic that clicks on your links. Other factors to help improve visibility may include constant quality tweets and your trust level between you and your followers. Below are some great ways to improve your twitter headlines.

The benefits of reading or clicking your tweeted links.

One of the elements that are very important to get your readers to notice you is to include benefits. Therefore in your headline, you must always try to get people to understand their immediate benefit of reading your tweets and click through to find out more information via your link. If your twitter headline contains nothing about the benefits, then people will just ignore your tweets and links. People do not care about you or any of the things that matter to you unless it benefits them or affects their lives in some way.

Hence, the first thing you can do to improve your overall tweets is to include the most important benefit for them if they choose to click on your link. Benefits could be anything between solving a problem fast, cost effectively or even to avoid a certain type of pain, or discomfort. In your headline it would be nice if you could quickly identify the problem that you seek to solve within your niche as well.

What this means that all your tweets should be useful to your readers. Try not to waste other people’s time here because as we all know, everyone is busy these days and you need to give your followers a reason to trust you and to respond to your tweets all the time. If you are constantly posting useless information or dummy information, you can be sure that no one who is following you will be interested in your future tweets.

A sense of urgency.

Another element to include in your twitter headline is the sense of urgency. People glance through all the tweets really fast. And even when they do find a good twitter headline that might be worth a closer look, they might still put it aside for later. The problem is, most of the time, when your content (even when they have been chosen) has been put aside… it gets forgotten and you will lose out on that. Therefore, if your headline has a sense of urgency that makes the reader think that they might lose out if they forget about your tweet or if they do not find out what is going on immediately.

A sense of uniqueness

What makes your content unique from all the other tweets in your same category? That is a very important question that you need to answer every time you decide to tweet something. If your news is old news, then it is not worthy news. Always remember that. People like to find out more about a topic they are familiar with but they want to know something that they do not already know. This means, if you are in the weight loss niche, try not to tweet about exercising because that’s really old and everyone knows that already. You could try to tweet about something unique however, for example, you can tweet about how sweating it out too much could harm your body and how it is a new discovery. This would certainly get people curious and they will click to read more.

Keep it short and sweet.

Tweeter is all about short messages. Hence when you craft your headlines for twitter, make sure you keep your headlines as short as you possibly can. This is of course a challenging task because you would want to fit in so much information such as the benefits, the urgency and uniqueness of your headlines. While it is hard when you do it the conventional way, there are tricks and you could cleverly use to represent a good headline with all the important elements inside and still keep it short. To do this you need to make use of clever one word that explains it all and use ‘full stops’ and other punctuation marks in between. Here’s a quick example to illustrate what this really looks like.

‘Fat? Exercise? Wait… Danger… Read NOW!’

See what we meant? It’s short and it has all the important element that makes a good headline. However beware of over using this and getting it saturated. Experiment with it and try to get a good grip of writing a good twitter headline that gets the best response. Your efforts will be paid off wonderfully. Always remember to keep a close eye out for good headlines that pop out once in a while and take note of them. Only by constantly learning will you be able to improve.

Are you a business owner? You have a website or blog?

Whether you sell a product or service, internet marketing must be done. To generate business income through your website or blog, you must first drive traffic to your website or blog. There are many ways for you to do this. Advertising is a costly way. Using Social networking is another FREE way. Twitter is a social media site embracing business. Juts to make a point, all CNN reporters do have an active Twitter account. Not just for fun, for improving their business.

What is Twitter
Before going into the benefits of marketing your business with Twitter, first understand what Twitter is. Twitter is a social networking website that also acts as a micro-blog. After signing up for a Twitter account, you develop a list of contacts. These are individuals you want to follow or receive updates from. Many will return the favor, becoming followers of your updates. There are no limits on how many messages you can send; however, there is a 140 character limit. Updates, otherwise known as Tweets, are sent through instant messaging, mobile web applicat ions, RSS feeds, Facebook, and the Twitter website.

How to use Twitter
By performing a search on, you will see the latest Tweets on the subject your enter. xample if you are interested in hair loss products, just type into the search box: hair loss products. Or: cooking books. You get the picture. Use some searches about your own products and services. The key to using Twitter as a marketing tool is to advertise without really advertising. Respond to Tweets found on that fits the subject of your website, blog, product or service. Occasionally send business updates to your friends. Highlight your new blog post, summarize a product you are selling, provide a discount code or announce a new service. You should also reply regular to members that you follow.

Benefits of Marketing YOUR Business with Twitter:

1. You can generate traffic.
Whether you sell a product or service, either directly or indirectly, you need to drive traffic to your business website. You can easily do so with Twitter. You can embed a link in your tweet. Did you recently update your blog? If so, share a miniscule summary of your post on Twitter and then provide a link to the post (use keywords….).

2. You can generate interest.
Next to generating traffic to your website or blog, you should also generate interest. There are varies ways to do so. Start with creating catchy Tweets. If you sell a product, don’t just instruct people to buy your product, but ask for their feedback. Ask how it can help them in the use. Then post something on the feedback you received. Then ask your followers to forward information on your product to their
contacts. When you be able to create a catchy message on product or service, it helps to generate more interest on Twitter.

3. You can get feedback.
As stated in previous benefit, a great way to subtly increase traffic to your website or blog is to ask for feedback. By providing a link, you will not only get website traffic, but you will also get what you asked for, feedback. For example, do you sell great products, but are your prices too high? Twitter members will let you know. Just ask bold questions, induce the need to respond.

4. You can update customers.
When connecting with customers, you might ask them subscribe to your newsletters. But you can also use Twitter for updates or newsletters. Just get a link to an update article on your website or blog. You can share promotional codes, discount coupons, new product releases, and so on. Consider even multiple accounts (certainly one for business and personal use)

and last, but not least…..

5. You can make sales.
Regardless of whether you sell a product or a service, a sale will generate income. By increasing visitors to your website, you increase your chances of making a sale. You can go a step farther by making contacts that are within your targeted market. For example, do you sell children books? If so, your target market is parents. Perform a search on to find posts that focus on parenting. You can offer a response that leads to your website, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Twitter, the micro blogging and social networking platform, started a thoughtful approach to monetization!

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, posted information on Twitter’s new advertising service: “Promoted Tweets”.

Yes, it was posted on their Twitter Blog.

As per the blog post, Promoted Tweets will be the promotional messages that brands can post on Twitter.

These 140 character twitter messages will be labelled as ‘promoted’ but look like normal tweets posted by other users on the site.

Users will be able to reply, forward, retweet and select these messages as favourites.

The first phase of the new Promoted Tweets platform starts with a handful of innovative twitter advertising partners that include Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks, and Virgin America.

I personally like Twitter Commercial Ads FREE (just let the users promote their products in their tweets).

What do YOU think?

Please give YOUR comments below (and get a back link!).

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LotCon Biz Solutions
Twitter Marketing Products.

There’s a problem with the Big Follow strategy, though. Why the “Big Follow” Strategy doesn’t work?

If you want people to see your Tweets on Twitter, you gotta have followers. Obviously, that can drive a person to commit himself or herself to building up the biggest follower base possible as quickly as possible.

One of the most popular techniques to get those followers in place is to start following others. There’s a tendency out there in Twitterland for those who’ve been followed to follow in return. That generous reciprocity can make it easy to build a follower list that will really turn heads.

That’s why following as many people as you can without setting off the “you’re probably a spammer or a bot” alarm is such a popular technique for new Twitter marketers.

Yes, you get the followers. The problem is that you get a bunch of followers who aren’t really interested in anything you’re saying. They followed out of kindness, ignorance or because they’re not really a human being an they’re programmed to follow when followed.

When it comes time to market to that motley crew, you can guess just how effective it is. It’s like cold-calling the first set of numbers in the phone book or emailing random addresses. It’s not targeted and It doesn’t convert.

You best bet is to focus on building a truly interested and targeted social network. The results will be a lot better than what you get with the “big follow” technique. Read more in our Twitter book: Twitter Marketing Secrets

There are two ways to approach Twitter from an Internet marketing standpoint. You can either try to figure out how to really get involved and to parlay that into improved business or you can try to find the shortcuts and secrets that will dump a pile of cash in your lap overnight.

Here’s the scoop. The people trying for a quick score aren’t making money.

The only way to really use Twitter to your advantage is to use it the “right” way. You need to be a real user an a legitimate member of your (and others’) social networks. You need to contribute and you need to interact. If you’re there looking for a quick buck, everyone will smell you coming from a mile away and they’ll lock down their wallets before you get near.

Let’s say it again to make it clear: Real users make more money with Twitter.

That’s ugly news for the get-rich-quick crowd, but it’s great news for marketers with enough perspective and understanding to recognize a good thing when it’s staring them in the eyes.

Have you figured out how you can really use Twitter? Do you understand how that usage can lead to real business improvements? If you still have questions, you need to learn more about Twitter. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time. Look for the resources available on this page.