Twitter Marketing:
Get Twitter Followers to Generate Web Traffic

Today’s digital world proves to be a dynamic platform for modern businesses that capitalize on advanced technologies and solutions available. This includes social media networks such as Twitter where Twitter marketing is becoming popular amongst business entities in all industries to attract web traffic.

Every business today knows that success or mere survival in the market requires a constant flow of web traffic to their website in establishing a strong online presence. The marketer or business owner is unable to execute the required marketing activities alone; the success of the business comes easier when there is help from the outside: Twitter followers.

Twitter Marketing Success

The best marketing success secret is really no secret at all. Any business could succeed in the market if it receives continuous traffic that is converted into sales. A business could generate high traffic, but low sales or low traffic but high sales, depending on how the marketing strategy is worked into the marketing campaign.

However, word of mouth forms the best marketing strategy from others who are inclined towards the business without being paid by the company. High savings would be translated into bigger bottom lines for the business when their brand or products are highly recommended by various authorities without coercion or instigation by the company.

This is where Twitter marketing comes in very handy where every Twitter fan or follower could be a potential marketer for the business. Satisfied customers or Twitter fans and followers make excellent endorsers to the business. Hence, aggressive businesses should work diligently to engage their Twitter followers into being their unofficial ambassadors who do not get paid for endorsing their brand, products or services.

Twitter marketing is an excellent online marketing strategy today with an efficient implementation by innovative businesses. Twitter keeps fans and followers informed of the latest market trends and happenings with a fast delivery. Businesses are manipulating this marketing concept to draw more web traffic to their website for more customers.

Known as a dynamic and versatile micro-blogging platform, Twitter offers immediate news updates in just 140 characters or less to its 200 millions of fans and followers. With a growing customer base, Twitter is poised to be the preferred online social media networking platform to reach thousands of potential business leads effectively and efficiently at low cost. However, these businesses need to be smart in manipulating the available features of Twitter to their bottom line benefit.

1) Interesting Tweets

Twitter offers only 140 characters in a tweet message. Hence, business messages must be short and sweet as well as interesting and useful to recipients. Impactful tweets would inspire recipients or arouse their curiosity and interest to be fans and followers. These well written tweets would attract the right crowd to the business and brand, especially when web readers want more.

2) Newsworthy and Value-Added

Tweets that would captivate Twitter fans and followers must be newsworthy to secure the interest of the readers. This may trigger off a chain reaction of sharing the message or re-tweets until a viral marketing phenomenon happens.

Tweets need to have value to compel Twitter fans and followers to call-to-actions in creating the desired web traffic for the business. Business tweets should be regularly delivered to keep fans and followers informed or updated on the business deals and offers plus other benefiting market information for loyal fans and followers such as comparative studies on products and services.

3) Building Healthy Networks

As a social media networking site, Twitter thrives with the connectivity of its members. A business on Twitter thrives on its connectivity with fans and followers. Strong customer relations must be established and enhanced with regular online communications and interactions through the sharing of tweets and following one another.

Healthy relations need to be maintained by fans and followers to boost the market presence of the business entity. Networking on Twitter helps increase not only fan following that expands the business visibility on the Internet, but also draw more fans and followers to be potential business leads and customers.

4) Impacting the Market

Business owners or marketers who want to involve Twitter followers in their marketing campaign with success must impact the platform users with a strong market presence. They must find their voice with a dynamic personality that would project a special forte which would benefit the fans and followers. This would have fans and followers, establishing trust and confidence towards the business brand and marketer or business owners to visit their website.

When the marketer or business owner is regarded as a market leader or expert in a certain forte, more fans and followers would appear to seek counsel and tips that provide plausible solutions which benefit them. Twitter fans and followers are frequently seeking for new ideas, solutions, tips and guidelines on a wide spectrum of issues in life and work.

Twitter experts or market leaders project a charismatic character with high bouts of friendliness and knowledge that are shared through tweets. Opinions are valued and exchanged on a wide array of topics and themes. Good tweets include a variety of content with interesting and inspiring videos and photos.

5)  Mix Up Content for Interest

Dynamic tweets could be from any source on any topic and theme to excite fans and followers until they become loyal customers for the business. Mixing up tweet contents from different quarters makes the tweet more exciting which may be challenging in stimulating the mind and heart.

Mixed-up tweet contents enable the marketer to get into an online instant communication with interested parties or grab the opportunity to identify different types of potential leads for the business at one time instead of focusing only on one demographic.

6) Quick Responses

Successful marketers and business owners using Twitter marketing would have applied the Golden Rule of Tweeting; that is, quick responses to tweets. It is crucial for marketers and businesses to respond quickly to every tweet so that tweeters are kept interested and reciprocate with the right responses that benefit the business outcomes.

This would motivate tweeters to be fans and followers of the business marketer which grows the business follower base.

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Twitter Viral Marketing – How to Tweet Your Way to Online Success in 15 Minutes a Day Using Twitter 


As Twitter continues to grow in its popularity as a preferred social networking site, greater business opportunities abound for all types of businesses in the market today. Twitter has been seen to participate in viral marketing that so greatly impacted the business from oblivion to stardom. This triggers other companies in embracing Twitter in their marketing efforts regardless of the industry they are in.

Short Timeframe for Big Impact

It is noted through research that Twitter requires only a few minutes a day to create a strong impact in the marketplace. Fifteen minutes suffice in tweeting marketing ads and messages to targeted audiences for an indelible impression on tweeted audiences.

With the best of marketing strategies online, Twitter is dynamic in building up a business online or off-site when the marketing information is compelling to Twitter recipients. Modern companies cannot turn a blind eye on Twitter as a potential viral marketing tool that requires so little effort and cost to make a great impact on target audiences in promoting the company and sales.

Solid branding can be executed quickly when the company manipulates Twitter marketing of their products and services. The short messages on the company offerings or related relevant information via Twitter can attract and impress many consumers to favor the company and its offerings.

Simple Setup with Vast Effects

Manipulating Twitter to be an effective online marketing tool is easy with a simple set up and activation process.

1) Create a unique brand with 15 characters.

2) Fill out profile completely with a strong bio of at most 160 characters.

3) Include a link to the web business site or blog

4) Send out 10 tweets a day within 15 minutes

The above simple few steps can build up any business by establishing a strong and healthy network with targeted customers as well as potential leads. Limiting the amount of time on Twitter send-out messages is part of being disciplined in business to stay focused and objective.

Tweets must be helpful information as there is a character limit, although there is no restriction on the number of tweets to send. Good links to useful sites would boost the consumer response to the tweet that improves market perception and branding. It is possible that consumers who find the link useful would forward or share the tweet with their wide circles of influence on Twitter or Facebook. This would certainly benefit the company. A viral spread is a potential when lots of impressed consumers share the marketing tweet if it is well designed and compelling.

This is the nature of Twitter tweets where modern consumers who are happy with the tweet can share or forward to others. This would be the best form of online marketing for the company with huge savings on advertising and great instant impact on the market. The simple re-tweeting of messages makes it simple for consumers to spread the tweet across their social media networks quickly for a viral marketing impact.

Simple Tweeting Process

Innovative companies today indulge in Twitter viral marketing to secure the instant huge market impact desired to boost their market presence and sales. Twitter offers a user-friendly search feature to identify and locate targeted audiences that benefit the company. This happens when the creative marketer combines searches via keywords and demographics. New potential leads from a variety of communities across the world are identified to benefit the business besides building a personal brand in the marketplace.

Online marketers using Twitter can take the lead in generating a hashtag group that relates to the company and its offerings. This would allow interested and like-minded consumers to follow the leader on the latest updates of the business to gain benefits quickly. A hashtag group can be unique for a certain period of time to update followers or fans.

Re-tweets of blog post links are helpful in drawing more traffic to the web business sites in generating more potential leads. Such groups could attract experienced entrepreneurs who could share some of their successful marketing strategies to boost another’s business development. Online visibility is certainly enhanced with a greater interest from popular search engines. Such attention is crucial to the web business to enjoy higher SERPs and market presence. Limit your promotion to no more than once for every 20 tweets. This will build your credibility and bring you the best results.

Careful thoughts with inspirational texts are desired to make a strong impact through Twitter tweets which are to be viral. The choice of words and links plays up the importance and privileges of the tweet to prompt followers and fans to share or forward the message. Such simple tweeting process takes only 15 minutes a day to establish a healthy online presence for the brand and company.

Techniques and Tips for Viral Marketing
Although Twitter is a simple social media tool to send off advertising messages cost effectively, impactful and efficient techniques should be utilized with the best of marketing tips to gain the best outcome for the company.

Promoting products or services on Twitter effectively and efficiently is aimed to generate more profits for the business.

Some of the useful tips and techniques that would promote viral marketing include:

1) Tweeting after blog or site updates

This is an important and effective online marketing technique which every serious marketer should exercise. A tweet after an update would quickly notify followers or fans of new offerings to stir up market hype and awareness that would put the business or brand on the map again.

2) Manipulate Twitter search engine

This action checks on previous tweets on similar topics to avoid ‘stale meat’ tweets. It also allows marketers to follow up on those who responded to the ad tweet sent out.

3) Execute an interest character

A fun and entertaining Tweeter tends to draw more interested potential leads as many web consumers like to strike up new friendships on the web before talking about business.

Such actions are simple to execute daily with just 15 minutes to draw more traffic to the web business site.

List Building and Twitter Marketing – A Simple Guide

Modern technologies and the emergence of social media have transformed today’s means of communication that impact businesses. More business owners and marketers are discovering the great marketing potentials of Facebook and Twitter with their diverse range of exciting advanced features that can be manipulated in cost effective online marketing strategies.

List Building and Twitter Marketing Combination of Effective Components

Between search engine optimization and social media marketing, a plethora of exciting online marketing strategies can be executed to fuel business operations and profits. More marketers are now combining the best of both worlds in SEO and social media to enjoy higher gains through the best of cost effective online marketing solutions that would build up their businesses quickly.

One of the cost effective marketing components is found in SEO which is list building. This is a very impactful online marketing feature that wins the favor of popular search engines such as Google, while drawing more traffic to the web business site to increase sales and profits for the business.

List building is easily worked into any online marketing campaign to bring in the desired traffic to the business with a simple strategy that can extend the business marketing reach effortlessly. Combined with Twitter marketing features, list building is very powerful and dynamic to win more customers to the business entity.

Keys of Success

The key to a successful Twitter marketing campaign is a proper focus on important areas that would boost business brand and market presence. A consistent marketing campaign that is cost effective propels the business forward effortlessly to generate the desired returns. Any preferred Twitter marketing strategy must be implemented with proper planning and evaluation to determine its effectiveness and efficiency.

List building is another vital key to a successful Twitter marketing implementation. Business owners and marketers must take time to build up a potential leads list as well as tweet consistently to maintain or establish the market presence of the business entity in promoting the brand and image.

Good tweets can be very impactful on Twitter users to generate better responses that augur well with the company. Learning to tweet impactful messages and re-tweeting other tweets can build up the list to enjoy a strong market visibility on the business. The key to a successful Twitter marketer is to focus on benefiting the Twitter community with useful information besides hardcore selling of products and services offered by the business entity.

Twitter is an excellent social media platform to secure the best of a targeted audience in establishing the business with modern tools that can transform the business modus operandi to be more effective and efficient. A strong and long list can be built with the right building tools on Twitter which brings on lucrative ROIs when applied dynamically in a strategic online marketing campaign.

Building a List on Twitter

The best of lists can be built on Twitter through consistency. A long list of loyal subscribers can be achieved through consistent high quality services related to the business. It is more than having a Twitter account with a couple of posts and links related to the business. The short tweets of 140 characters must be manipulated effectively at all times for a fantastic outcome when executed professionally and consistently. This would allow subscribers or followers to understand the train of thoughts to appreciate the postings and offerings.

Trust must be built up in any list building activity. This can only be accomplished if regular good tweets are posted to inspire followers instead of a mere update on business. Manipulating Twitter on crucial updates or inspirational tweets bring followers to a closer relationship while attracting others. Tweeting and re-tweeting can draw in more new potential leads that grow the list and in turn, the business.

Another way to build a strong list on Twitter marketing is to add value to the tweets. This is very effective for business owners and marketers to establish themselves as industry experts to gain higher market credibility that would boost sales and profits. When quality information and useful updates are provided to followers, more consumers would draw to the business entity. This is an effective way to build the list with potential leads that are inclined towards the business.

Simple marketing actions such as freebies and opt-ins can grow a list easily for any business in any industry. This is especially true when the offerings are useful to the recipients. Another potential list building effort is to extend help to those who need it. Accepting feedback and constructive criticisms open the door wider to welcome new customers in building the list for any business.

A Simple Guide

List building can be easy and fun with high returns to the business entity when the right components are activated consistently. Twitter is very interactive to allow dynamic features in building a potential leads list that benefits business bottom lines.

The first step to building a strong list on Twitter is to establish a Twitter account to commence tweeting activities. Tweets are short messages which must be dynamic to influence the recipients for a re-tweet or forward to establish the brand and market presence of the business.

List building helps find and gather like-minded consumers on the business with an appreciation on quality content and goods delivered to them consistently. Business owners and marketers can manipulate Twitter and its growing number of subscribers to their benefit by offering their product or service expertise in exchange for targeted audience’s contact info.

The next step in list building on Twitter is to provide relevant information to followers without spamming their account too frequently. Useful information to followers can build up relations and market reputation to enjoy more sales and profits. Gaining a lot of followers on Twitter may be easy but maintaining them can be challenging if the proper marketing approach is not adopted. Good communication and relations are crucial to develop loyal followers who become strong supporters of the business. Earning the trust and confidence of followers can build long lists to benefit the business as these followers tweet and re-tweet to influence and invite their friends and contacts to follow the business Twitter account.

Using Twitter to Test HeadlinesThe emergence of social media networks brought about an exciting era in online marketing that fuels businesses to greater heights of success. More online marketing resources that are cost effective are filling the market to boost the profit margins of small to big businesses. Twitter marketing is becoming popular, although Twitter is the new social media platform in the marketplace.

The potential of Twitter in online marketing has yet to be fully experienced. A simple promotional message under 140 words can be very impactful on any product or service. All business offerings and updates can be marketed on 24/7 cost effectively to bring in high returns.

With the proper setup and environment, Twitter marketing can go viral.

Marketing Features on Twitter

Twitter marketing is poised to be the latest hot marketing platform for any business in the marketplace today. This new social networking site allows a simple message to be tweeted in 140 words. Much can be conveyed in a short message to entice consumers to check out the fantastic offers without revealing too much detail. Curiosity is stirred up within the consumers for more with this form of micro-blogging messages.

Free membership to Twitter promotes more fans and users to join this social media platform attracting ordinary consumers, business owners and marketers. A personalized home page identifies the Twitter user with follow or be followed attributes to keep abreast with the latest updates on various issues on the social media platform quickly.

Category lists can be generated in sorting out the different groups of followers or fans for better management and engagement. Business owners and marketers would benefit from this feature in identifying and engaging targeted audiences to fuel their business with different promotions and offers.

It is easy to tweet a short promotional message to draw in the right crowd to the business offers without taking too much time by the sender. Twitter fans are more receptive to these short messages even on business promotions as it takes very little time to read and digest the information. This form of micro-blogging is instrumental in successful online marketing based on the available features of Twitter.

Advantages from Engaging Twitter Marketing

More and more business owners and marketers are banking on the advantages of Twitter marketing to reap higher ROIs on their business ventures. The possibility of a viral marketing phenomenon is high with Twitter marketing. Short promotional messages can be re-tweeted or forwarded readily and easily amongst Twitter members to flood the Twitter community in a matter of minutes.

This is one of the primary advantages with Twitter marketing when the short message is enticing and beneficial to the Twitter community. The users take it upon themselves to re-tweet or forward the message without cost or payment to their circle of influence. Business owners and marketers enjoy great savings as their advertising task is minimized with loyal twitter users forwarding their business tweets for free on their behalf.

There is a deeper level of trustworthiness and credibility of the brand when the business tweet is forwarded or re-tweeted by the Twitter community instead of coming direct from the business entity. A viral marketing phenomenon can be generated when twitter users participate actively in spreading the message from one link to another. The total number of reaches is definitely much larger than what the advertisers could ever imagine or target.

The right business tweet with backlinks provided allow twitter users to check out more relevant information about the business offers quickly from the web business site to enjoy special benefits. Such marketing strategy has proven to be very effective in generating a higher number of clicks and visits to a web business site compared to other SEO marketing apps.

Generating More Leads

Many businesses are discovering that Twitter can assist in generating more leads through higher web traffic visiting their websites. This social media platform may be new in town, but its popularity is spreading like wildfire, especially amongst business entities that are actively pursuing it as a cost effective marketing tool.

High volumes of free leads per day can be generated via Twitter. A well setup profile page with an interesting biography draws more traffic to the website where prospective customers are eager to discover the secrets of success. Twitter marketing is all about following others and being followed to generate more leads in order to become viral. It is essential to follow a couple of hundred of twitters a day especially those related to the industry. Business owners and marketers can discover the latest business trends, strategies, demands and needs of consumers and business competitors easily to tweak their marketing strategies to be more effective.

Sending out a dozen or more tweets a day can help boost web traffic to the web business site if the tweet contents are interesting and meaningful to the recipients. Effective tweets that can become viral to boost the business operations and market presence include inspirational quotes, entertaining videos and helpful links to useful articles.

The market has many tweeting programs that are designed to tweet automatically to reach the desired number each day. Monitoring and managing the fan groups and followers on tweets is crucial to enhancing the quality of fans and followers without wasting time on those who do not follow. It may be necessary to delete certain inactive tweeters to add new ones without taking on extra time in building the fan club.

Shortening links to be sent out is vital to allow more room in tweets for a more dynamic message in any business promotion. Last but not least, answering messages directly helps promote the business while fans feel appreciated and involved to continue following the Tweets. Such efforts to establish better relations with fans and followers for an easier conversion of prospects to customers.


Twitter marketing is fast becoming the latest online marketing tool with Twitter as the preferred social media platform to enjoy the potential viral marketing phenomenon. Success can only come on with the right tweeting elements exercised consistently, especially with good relations established with fans and followers.

Twitter Marketing – Targeted Techniques
to Building Partnerships and Generating Leads
with Twitter 

Techniques to Partnerships and Generating Leads with TwitterSocial media is generating a loud buzz on the Internet today with many popular social media networks enjoying millions of subscribers and followers. After Facebook, Twitter is drawing many users in torrential numbers. Millions of consumers, young and old are having a Twitter account as well as a Facebook account. Celebrities, the rich and famous, professionals, authorities, politicians and the ordinary consumers are likely to have a Twitter and Facebook account today with the easy accessibility of modern technologies.

Twitter is becoming an unprecedented source of power for a vibrant social lifestyle with its breakthrough in business and marketing. This micro-blogging service facility allows its users to send out messages or read others’ messages called tweets.

Effective communication tool

The emergence of Twitter in the market is very impactful on the Internet to enhance online social interaction. Easy and fast communication is possible with Twitter as consumers keep others in the circle of followers informed or updated on the latest escapades from anywhere about anything.

The success of Twitter is due to its simplicity in structure, function and usage. Tweets can be sent from many different platforms such as the official Twitter website, 3rd-party web-based tools or cell phones and PDAs to the convenience of users.

Modern businesses are capitalizing on Twitter’s cost effective communication mode on social interaction and updates on business offerings. However, such businesses should be familiar with the essential techniques in building strong partnerships and generating leads on Twitter before indulging into it. There are 5 potential techniques which online modern businesses should consider to implement for greater success on the Internet.

1) Successful Lead Generation

A successful Internet business venture requires a consistent stream of potential leads that would be converted to loyal customers in support of the business operations. This requires the best of lead generation from targeted audiences in the market. One effective way of generating leads with Twitter is to generate huge quantum of potential leads for the business is to tweet interesting and relevant info to entice more interested parties to participate in the online social media.

Business marketers on Twitter must schedule relevant content to be tweeted regularly to their potential customer contacts to keep them informed and updated on the business offerings and operations. This would prevent an ‘out-of-sight, out-of-mind’ conditioning to maintain the market presence of the business entity.

Tweeting is a simple activation of online conversations on a daily basis to keep a targeted audience interested in the business enterprise. Tweet followers can click on links to the business webpage for further information and make online purchases after being inspired from a tweet. They can share the tweet with their own circle of influence to help the company build up their customer database indirectly. It is also a good and free way of advertising on behalf of the company as consumers trust their personal contacts’ recommendations over a commercial offering.

Leads can be generated successfully with attractive giveaways from the targeted web business site in luring more traffic. A simple and low cost promotional video, eBook or purchase discount can be offered in return for a visit to the web business page. A tweet link to the web business capture page secures the potential leads’ contact information for further follow up in conversion and promotion activities.

A simple but effective lead generating engine can be created through Twitter via its dynamic marketing tools. Currently there are TweetLater and Twittertise options for an effective Twitter marketing campaign.

2) Developing meaningful conversations with Twitter contacts

As more Twitter followers come on board, it would be difficult to follow through all conversations or tweets. However, there are great filtering tools to shut out unnecessary distractions that prevent meaningful conversations with important Twitter contacts that would establish strong relations to an online business venture.

Twitter offers TweetDeck that functions to select preferred users and messages on tweeting activities for a clearer focus on Twitter marketing endeavors.

3) Reuse available blog content on Twitter

Those with great blog content can repost these on Twitter as part of a dynamic Twitter marketing strategy to reach new audiences. Twitter offers Twitter Feed that synergizes blog content with tweets that would be disseminated to tweet followers to direct more traffic back to the website.

4) Sourcing new business partners

Another potential Twitter marketing technique is the manipulation of Twitter tools Twellow and that permit a view of top Tweeters in the market on any given word. These facilities make use of dynamic processing algorithms that allow the marketer to follow established and experienced Tweeters with a good reputation to be invited or considered as business partners.

These Twitter sources are excellent in adding value to any personal online business venture with potential circles of influences to be added to the potential lead database for the marketer.

5) Tracking outbound links

A tweet cannot exceed 140 characters. Hence, the online marketer who intends to manipulate Twitter marketing tools may want to consider Twitter’s that keeps track of the number of clicks received to identify the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and strategies.

This Twitter tool is excellent in generating useful marketing metrics for the marketer to improve online marketing campaigns and strategies. The Twitter Tweetburner is useful in this manner.

The best deal about these Twitter marketing tools and tips is that they are available free for those who are interested in expanding their Twitter following.

Autopilot mode

Creative and innovative online marketers who want to incorporate cost effective Twitter marketing tools for generating leads with Twitter and strategies can consider automation means over manual options which can be quite time consuming.

Many auto pilot lead generation tools and processes are readily available in the market to speed up the generation and tracking activities of Twitter followers while ensuring a proactive follow through with important prospects to boost the online business. The market offers Automatic Twitter Traffic tool to activate an automatic management of Twitter following for greater marketing effectiveness. There is no lack of cost effective or free Twitter marketing tools and guides on the Internet to boost the online business quickly.

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A properly installed WordPress Blog is one of the BEST traffic generation tools on the planet.

One of the most effective and proven ways to generate targeted traffic to your home business website is with a blog — not just any blog, but a locally hosted WordPress blog.

WordPress is the blog of choice for TOP internet marketers, regardless the niche or market. WordPress has numerous, high impact plugins and designs to choose from. Mike shows you with WordPress Made Easy how to cut through the clutter the quick and easy way, save time, save money and eliminate frustration — simple as 1, 2, 3 to get YOUR BUSINESS BLOG going in less then an hour!

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