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Hi guys and gals let me take a minute to introduce my self and explain why I am here. My name is Mike Paetzold and I have been traveling across the blogosphere as part on The Old Bald Guy’s Blog Tour.

Since early Novemeber I have been taking up residence on a different blog each week. I did take off two week over the holidays to spend time with my family but I really enjoy being able to get out and meet new people this way.

Now a bit about me personally. I have been online since 2000 and am known by some as The WordPress Guy. I love blogging, teaching people to blog effectively and to understand how to make money online.

I have created numerous products and not just about blogging but list building and integrating Twitter into your process.

I am active on a variety of social media because items like Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, Hub Pages and more can greatly help your overall marketing plan.

You can find me on Twitter as MikePaetzold and if you like the information I provide here this week I hope you will follow me.

So enough about me. Let’s get to what I will be covering here. See each week I change topics to match the blog I am visiting and this week the topic will be Twitter.

Over this week I will be covering the following topics.

  • Twitter and list building
  • Twitter and blogging
  • Twitter tools for integration
  • Using free offers

Finally before I finish today I think it is important to understand a bit about Twitter before I cover the other topics.

Twitter is a minn blog where you get a maximum of 140 characters per post or as they call it Tweet. It is a great way to build interaction with those that follow you and integrates well with other social media.

The true power of Twitter has more with that interactive nature than what you can accomplish in 140 characters.

I’ll be back tomorrow so leave your questions and I’ll talk to you then.

About the author

Mike Paetzold has been online since 2000 and runs numerous blogs and you can find out what he is up to at Mike Paetzold Recommends.

You can also find out and keep current with WordPress at his blog WordPress Made Easy.

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