Twitter is one of the fastest growing Social Media platforms!

Twitter is known by many, as a place where you can go and send out 140 character messages, better known as ‘tweets’, that tell people what you are doing, at that particular moment. The reason why this is good for business, is because your followers get to know what is happening in your life, on a more personal level. Prospects like to get to know WHO they are buying from, before they turn into a buyer.

Use some personal tweets (see our tweet suggestions) and keep a balance of business related material tweets, and vice versa. So you can use Twitter to build awareness about you and your company.

PROBLEM: Most people don’t use Twitter correctly!

That’s where this Twitter video series comes in. Not only will you learn a system that uses Twitter, and other free third party sites, to get your sites ranked high in Google, but you’ll also learn how to increase your credibility among your twitter followers, by using a simple legal technique.

Whether you are an online or offline business owner, as long as you have a website or landing page, this is a MUST have in your marketing toolbox: Twitter Business Magic!

Every once in awhile, even the best Twitter users around find themselves losing followers. People just drop away, without explanation. Sometimes, it’s easy to track the reason why. If you lose several followers every time you make a highly-charged political Tweet (not usually a good idea, by the way), it doesn’t require a genius to figure out what’s happening.

Sometimes, though, you’ll lose a follower (or several) for no apparent reason. Just to make you feel a little better when that happens, here a few potential explanations.

Sometimes, Twitter cleans house and they cancel “bad accounts”. You may have several followers who weren’t really interested in being part of the Twittersphere. We’re talking about spam accounts and robot accounts. You can see a follower reduction because of that house-cleaning.

There are other cases when you’ll lose followers simply because the person who had been keeping tabs on you comes to the realization that you’re not supplying him or her with what they need. That may very well be because they chose to follow you without first understanding what you were all about. Don’t take it personally. You can’t be everything to everyone.

Those are two potential reasons why you might see a drop in followers even if you’re handling your account the right way. Shedding a few followers can be a completely normal happening, unrelated to anything you may have Tweeted.