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LotCon-Social-Media-Twitter280Social media is becoming a widely exploited platform for aggressive businesses today that recognize its powerful potential in organic leads generation. With the millions of users and subscribers as potential business leads, it is hardly surprising to note the increasing popularity of social media networks as a preferred marketing platform.

Moreover, there is a host of exciting and cheap social media monitoring tools available in the market to measure the activity or marketing engagement a business indulges in. This is great for businesses to know the effectiveness of their marketing endeavors on social media.

Twitter Marketing Monitoring

Internet marketers who indulge in social media marketing need to monitor the effectiveness of their marketing strategy and campaign for optimal results to be achieved. Twitter is one of the preferred social media networks that permit online marketing through its active users or subscribers whom marketers manipulate as potential business leads.

Besides an online social communication platform, marketers could manipulate Twitter in their marketing endeavors effectively to win more potential leads and customers to boost business and bottom lines. Many Twitter activities should be monitored by the marketer for greater effectiveness to the business; these include number of tweets, followers, re-tweets, mentions, replies, following tweets and reviews. Marketers engaging Twitter marketing should also keep track of market sentiment which reflects the consumer behavior and needs through social media comments.

Effective Monitoring Tools

Effective social media monitoring tools are readily available depending on the skills of marketers in deployment and interpretation. Measuring relevant Twitter activities empower marketers with up-to-date information about customer requirements and buying behavior to tweak their marketing campaigns and strategies appropriately without wasting time and effort.

One simple Twitter marketing monitoring tool is to track the number of inbound referrals to the web business site. This number is a good indication of the brand or business credibility in the market where the right crowd is targeted and response to the marketing campaign implemented.

The marketer who has this information would know where and what type of traffic is generated to optimize its results in the future. A social media tracking system with the proper analytics tools could also be implemented in monitoring the effectiveness of Twitter marketing.

One of the more useful monitoring tools is Google Analytics where a simple account could track many of the desired statistics for better marketing and management decisions. Marketers could also consider Google URL Builder, which is another fabulous measuring tool in social media marketing engagements. This URL Builder works similarly to Google Analytics where marketers could secure a quick insight into their social media link performance in generating traffic.

A simple spreadsheet program like Google Docs or Excel spreadsheet is also useful in monitoring Twitter marketing activities engaged by the marketer. This spreadsheet tool is able to monitor the number of business prospects and customers that come on Twitter besides the number of clicks on links, tweets, re-tweets and mentions.

Benefits from Measurement Activities

Marketers who recognize the need to monitor the development of their business brand would implement the appropriate measuring activities as often as possible. The bottom line is to create enough hype and buzz about the business brand and products/services on Twitter to generate a viral effect across the Internet.

The viral effect of Twitter marketing is only possible as marketers monitor the success of their marketing campaigns and strategies which should be fine tuned or improved for greater success. Careful planning and tracking of every tweet and lead generation would reveal the dynamics of the marketing campaign that would bring on more success.

Twitter is one of the many popular social media networks that could be manipulated as effective marketing platforms with plenty of tracking tools to reach the business objective. It is easy to manipulate in dynamic Internet marketing strategies with plenty of tracking tools for the best results.

The cost of Twitter marketing is very low for new or small business entrepreneurs or marketers, especially with proper planning of marketing campaigns. Advanced technologies in the market offer many options in tracking and measuring tools at different pricing and quality. It is up to the different marketers and business entrepreneurs to decide what fits their business plans and objectives.

Tracking Components

Effective tracking and measurement tools would bring about more accurate data and information that would boost business branding and market visibility quickly. There may be many components which require proper tracking that would boost the business bottom line and meet its objectives.

Marketers would want to track the number of clicks on the links attached in a marketing campaign to monitor their effectiveness. They may also want to track the number of opt-ins for the mailing list and the conversion rates to identify their marketing campaign strategy and its appeal.

The right tracking tools could also monitor the number of potential leads that actually opened up follow-up mails sent by the marketer personally or through an auto-responder system. The data would confirm the better approach to woo and establish strong relations with the potential leads and customers for stronger business activities.

Dynamic tracking tools could identify the number of call-to-action leads and the marketing campaign these leads came through from. The loyalty of customers could also be tracked by the duration of their commitment to the brand and business besides the amount of purchases as well as the kinds of purchases made throughout their membership.

Another crucial tracking component is the cost incurred in each marketing campaign and the bottom line figures in the annual budget to establish the feasibility of these campaigns. It is crucial for the business to identify cost matters and figures to ensure a solid cash flow that would keep the business afloat in the market for a long time. The operation cost should not be too high that would eat in on the profit margins that would keep the business viable.


Although Twitter marketing is a dynamic marketing strategy for marketers, it is more effective if proper measuring and tracking is executed on its activities to benefit the business further.

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